The Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 22, 2002

July 22, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 40

Undergrad science receives HHMI grant
Center for ALS Research is Named for Robert Packard
Hopkins Hospital tops the 'U.S. News' honor roll for 12th year in a row
19th-century children's books inspire Evergreen's first artist-in- residence
For the Record: Cheers
For the Record: Milestones
For the Record: University elects seven new board members
Job Opportunities
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The legacy of Owen House
Owen House was poised to live out its final days in relative obscurity. An 11th-hour discovery, however, granted the building historical immortality and a brief moment in the spotlight, a two-week period during which, by all accounts, it held the title of the oldest building on the Homewood campus.
    It was thanks to a team of volunteer investigators that the walls of Owen House finally talked. And what a tale they had to tell: The farmhouse, which was coming down to make way for a new chemistry research building, was likely a good 100 years older than thought.
    Sitting in the shadow of much grander Georgian-style academic buildings, the modest two-story structure, thought to have been built in 1850, was somewhat out of place. In addition, with the exterior having been remodeled several times and the interior carved up for use as office space, the house wasn't considered historically significant. Full story...

VP named for external relations
Linda L. Robertson, a former senior U.S. Treasury official who has spent more than 25 years working on federal legislative, taxation and budget issues in both government and private sector positions, has been appointed the university's vice president of government, community and public affairs.
    Robertson will arrive on campus Sept. 3 to assume this new position, created to strengthen Johns Hopkins' relationships with neighboring communities; with local, state and federal governments; and with broader public audiences nationally and internationally. Full story...

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