The Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 22, 2002
July 22, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 40


Hopkins Hospital Tops the 'U.S. News' Honor Roll for 12th Year in a Row

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

For the 12th consecutive year, U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking of American hospitals has placed The Johns Hopkins Hospital at the top of the list.

"Wow," declared an obviously delighted Edward D. Miller, CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine and dean of the medical faculty. "Once again, it's a pleasure to acknowledge the magazine's recognition of our commitment to innovative and compassionate patient care and to the people who make that kind of care possible," he said. "This is a welcome and well-deserved tribute to our hospital, its wonderful nurses and staff, the School of Medicine's faculty physicians and the many community physicians with whom we have close ties."

Ronald R. Peterson, president of the hospital and health system and executive vice president of Johns Hopkins Medicine, said, "Independent evaluations such as these rankings are of real value to our community, our patients, primary care physicians and insurers, along with those of us who strive always to improve the care we give our patients. All of the medical centers on the magazine's honor roll are superb," he said, "and we are privileged to be in their good company."

This year's annual guide reports results of a survey of a hospital's reputation in 17 medical specialties among a national sample of doctors, along with analysis of objective indicators derived from government information on such factors as death rates, technology, nurse staffing, service mix and discharge planning. This year, Hopkins ranked in the top 10 in 16 of the 17 specialty categories listed. In addition to landing at the top of the honor roll, the hospital ranked No. 1 in ear, nose and throat; gynecology; urology; and eye care. It ranked No. 2 in digestive disorders, geriatrics and rheumatology; No. 3 in cancer, hormonal disorders, neurology, respiratory diseases, pediatrics and psychiatry; No. 4 in orthopedics; No. 6 in heart and kidney; and No. 14 in rehabilitation.

In what has become an annual tribute to employees' contributions to Hopkins' excellence, faculty physicians and senior administrators greeted all shifts Friday morning when the news became public to thank them and present a keepsake gift.

Coming in at No. 2 on the honor roll was the Mayo Clinic, followed by Cleveland Clinic; Massachusetts General Hospital; UCLA Medical Center; Duke University Medical Center; University of California, San Francisco Medical Center; University of Michigan Medical Center; Barnes-Jewish Hospital; and Brigham and Women's Hospital.