The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 23, 2002

September 23, 2002
VOL. 32, NO. 4

National lung cancer screening study planned
Local blood supplies very low, donors needed Sept. 24 and 25
Early evaluation critical for kidney disease patients' survival
'Jumping genes' cause ripples in genome--and maybe species evolution
Researchers study heart defect that kills athletes; patients sought
Flexible joints in children associated with chronic fatigue syndrome
New possibilities found for deadly childhood brain cancer
Genomic blueprint of cancer-preventive compound is identified
Johns Hopkins again named an evidence-based practice center
Job Opportunities
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Updating a Sunday-night tradition
Sel Kardan says that when he looked out into last season's Shriver Hall Concert Series crowd, he observed a sea of familiar faces--the loyal patrons who come each year to listen to world-class musicians and the stars of tomorrow perform chamber music at the Homewood venue. He also noticed what in his assessment is too frequently missing from the picture--young, unfamiliar faces.
   Kardan, who became the executive director of the prominent music series this past June, has been coming to concerts at Shriver Hall ever since his undergraduate days at Peabody. The violist and teacher says that what originally drew him to the performances were the big names, artists such as Dawn Upshaw, Murray Perahia and Nathianal Rosen, who he thought skipped over Charm City when planning their tour schedules. Full story...

A birthday bash for Homewood
The inhabitants of early-19th-century Baltimore had to contend each summer with such unpleasantness as yellow fever outbreaks, pestilence and an oftentimes unbearable heat and humidity. Applying the "get out of the kitchen" approach, during those months people of financial means often fled the city to their country homes in such present-day areas as Charles Village and Druid Hill.
   One such summer retreat was Homewood, a classically inspired five-part house built two miles from the city's center on a 130-acre farm that is now the university's main campus. While not the bucolic getaway it once was, Homewood House appears today much as it would have the moment in 1802 when Charles Carroll Jr. and his family first moved in. Full story...

Volume 1: Philosophy Journal By and For Students Debuts
Prometheus, the university's new student journal of philosophy, is proof that sometimes the lofty musings of coffee talk actually do come to pass.
   In fact, after a few years of talk about creating such a journal, it was a kick of caffeine at a meeting between two undergraduates named Dave that finally got Prometheus off the ground.
   "Basically, I was having coffee one day with Dave [Harris] in August 2001 when we started talking about it again," said editor in chief Dave Kotlyar, a senior majoring in philosophy and biology. "And Dave said we should talk to John [Odito], who was interested in the idea, too." Full story...

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