The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 25, 2002

March 25, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 27

CLF report supports sustainable food production
Alonzo G. Decker Jr., longtime university trustee, dies at 94
Mood disorders inherited together may reveal genetic underpinnings
Top researchers share their love of science with neighborhood kids
Study: Eye drops preferable to patch in treating children's amblyopia
Life after Hopkins: ROTC announces branch selections
Med students meet their matches
Montgomery students benefit from 'win/win' partnership of county, JHU
Job Opportunities
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Axel Heilberg's vanished forests
Once upon a time, Axel Heilberg Island was a very strange place. Located in the Arctic Circle north of Canada, a full eight-ninths of the way from the equator to the North Pole, the uninhabited Canadian island is far enough north to make Iceland look like a great spot for a winter getaway, and today there's not much to it beyond miles of rocks, ice, a few mosses and many fossils.
   The fossils tell of a different era, though, an odd time about 45 million years ago when Axel Heilberg, still as close to the North Pole as it is now, was covered in a forest of redwoodlike trees known as metasequoias. Full story...

APL: Sixty years in war and peace
The romanticized start-up story goes something like this: A couple of whiz kids toil away on some revolutionary electronic gizmo in the back of a dusty old garage. Following the eureka moment, a patent is secured and, wham, the next Apple is born.
   The genesis of the university's Applied Physics Laboratory shares a lot in common with this story: It, too, had the whiz kids, the electronic gizmos and the eureka moment. It just stayed in the garage for 12 years.
    The Lab this month marks a milestone birthday, celebrating with the slogan "60 Years of Service to the Nation." What began as a temporary wartime facility--housed in a renovated used-car garage in Silver Spring, Md.--has become one of the most prominent research and development institutions in the world. Full story...

New Meeting Management Services helps JHU faculty, staff make plans
Early last fall, Sayeed Choudhury was charged with coordinating a three-day conference that would attract nearly 300 people from all over the world to Johns Hopkins. No small task. As director of the MSE Library's Digital Knowledge Center, not only did he have to create the content of the program, he had to sweat all the small stuff, too: accommodations, food, meeting space, equipment needs, parking. Put simply, his to-do list swelled to epic proportions.
   "I was in a bit of a panic," Choudhury says.
   Fortunately, he discovered that help was only a campus phone call away. Full story...

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