The Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 29, 2002
January 28, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 19


Job Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The Johns Hopkins University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age disability or veteran status with regard to admission or employment or in any student program or activity administered by the university.
   This is a partial list of jobs currently available. A current list with descriptions can be found on the Web at


Office of Human Resources
119 Garland Hall, 410-516-8048
Job posting boards
Garland Hall, first floor; Gilman Hall, ground floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
93 Manager, Technical Assistance L-01-4597
93 DataBase Administrator/Developer L-01-2187
92 Integrated Library Systems Administrator S-01-5404
92 Sr. Systems Analyst (several) U-01-5387
91 Database Application Developer E-01-5272
91 Applications Systems Analyst L-01-4956
90 Programmer/Analyst U-01-4722
90 Microcomputer Support Specialist II (several/temporary/part-time) S-01-4790
89 User Systems Specialist II L-01-4781
47 Sr. Director, Acquisitions, Dispositions and Leasing U-01-5486
46 Sr. Director, Asset Management U-01-5485
45 Director, Enrollment Management, SPSBE E-01-4511
43 Sr Organization Development Specialist U-00-382
43 Administrative Manager III G-01-5356
43 Sr. Major Gifts Officer S-01-4542
43 Director of Development, Europe, Johns Hopkins Institutions U-01-5193
43 Regional Site Manager (several) P-01-4443
43 International Major Gift Officer U-01-4093
42 Associate Director, Marketing U-01-5419
42 Special Research Asst. to the Dean, WSE G-01-5169
41 Coordinator, Enrollment Information Research L-01-5240
41 Instructional Facilitator (several) P-01-4993
41 Sr. Researcher S-01-5469
40 Faculty Projects Coordinator, WSE G-01-4875
40 Training Facilitator, Domestic Violence Program E-01-4561
39 Class Giving Coordinator U-01-5229
39 Development Research Analyst (several) U-01-5212
38 Fulfillment System Specialist 2-01-5284
38 Student Housing Office Coordinator L-01-4531
38 Asst. to Director, JHU Press 2-01-5445
38 Mailroom Coordinator 2-01-5472
37 Research Data Asst. III P-01-4680
37 DLP Academic Staff (several/casual) S-01-5202
37 Admin. Secretary (several) U-01-5623
37 Payroll/Budget Asst. U-01-5358
37 Budget/Accounting Asst. P-01-5412
36 Word Processing Specialist P-01-5076
36 Campus Security Officer (Aug-May each year) Y-01-5301
36 Campus Security Officer Y-01-5300
35 Security Communications Asst. S-00-223
33 Office Clerk II (casual) U-01-5670
09 Carpenter S-01-4133
04 Physical Education Worker L-01-5106
01 Custodian S-01-2707

Schools of
Public Health
and Nursing

Office of Human Resources
2021 E. Monument St., 410-955-3006
Job posting boards
Public Health Building, lower level; Hampton House, lower level; School of Nursing, third floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
92 Research Data Manager H-01-5218
92 Sr. Database Developer H-01-5331
92 Sr. Network Administrator H-01-5269
91 Sr. Programmer/Analyst H-01-5262
91 Statistical Programmer/Data Analyst H-01-4539
91 Statistical Programmer/Data Analyst K-01-5459
90 Sr. User System Specialist H-01-3385
90 Web Developer H-01-5230
89 User System Specialist II H-01-5089
89 Website Developer, M/MC H-01-5127
45 Sr. Program Officer II H-00-353
44 Accounting Manager H-01-5334
43 MPH Program Manager H-01-4420
43 PIP Network Coordinator H-01-2043
42 Popline Database Manager H-01-2223
42 Program Officer II H-01-3979
42 Sr. Financial/Administrative Coordinator H-01-5529
42 Training Program Officer II H-01-2280
41 Department Grants Administrator H-01-4740
41 Financial Manager H-01-5374
41 Staff Development Specialist H-01-5357
40 Center Coordinator H-01-5401
40 Communications/Publications Coordinator H-01-4766
40 Program Asst. II H-01-5333
40 Research Analyst H-01-4816
39 Administrative Asst. H-01-5302
39 Administrative Asst. H-01-3710
39 Financial Analyst H-01-5335
39 Program Asst. H-01-4639
39 Registration Coordinator II H-01-5061
39 Research Technician II H-00-1537
38 Administrative Asst. H-01-5365
38 Administrative Asst. H-01-5286
38 Budget Analyst H-01-5103
38 Program Support Coordinator H-01-5038
38 Research Asst. H-01-5003
37 Administrative Secretary H-01-4780
37 Administrative Secretary H-01-5413
37 Budget Asst. III H-01-5175
37 Sr. Research Interviewer H-01-5271

School of

Office of Human Resources
1830 E. Monument St., 410-955-2989
Job posting boards
1830 Building, ground floor; JHH, several locations; Outpatient Center, ground level; Bayview Medical Center Asthma & Allergy Center, Atrium elevator lobby

Pay Grade Position Job Number
42 Nurse Anesthetist 01-M-2501
41 Financial Manager 01-M-1653
41 Sr. Research Asst./Supervisor 01-M-1827
41 Research Nurse/Program Supervisor 01-M-2741
40 Research Nurse/Program Coordinator 01-M-1991
40 Sr. Laboratory Coordinator 01-M-2074
40 Record and Registration Coordinator 01-M-2721
40 Clinical Dosimetrist 00-M-1364
39 Sponsored Projects Specialist 01-M-1437
39 Administrative Asst. II (several)
39 Asst. GDB Curator 01-M-1371
39 Research Assistant 01-M-1829
39 Research Program Coordinator II 00-M-1518
39 Research Assistant II 01-M-2506
39 Clinical Social Worker 01-M-1752
38 Research Program Coordinator 01-M-1825
38 Research Technician 01-M-2608
38 Research Technician 01-M-2472
38 Administrative Asst. (several)
38 Clinic Coordinator (several)
38 Student Benefits Specialist 01-M-2720
38 Housing Counselor 01-M-2077
38 Vocational Counselor 01-M-2076
37 Fundus Photograph Grader 00-M-580
37 Administrative Secretary (several)
37 Sr. Lab Technician II 01-M-1768
37 Medical Office Coordinator (several)
37 Sr. Patient Service Coordinator (several)
37 Psychology Technician 01-M-2367
36 Sr. Labatory Technician (several) 00-M-1401
36 Immunogenetics Technician Trainee 01-M-2596
36 Medical Transcription II 01-M-2283
09 Maintenance Mechanic II (several)
07 Maintenance Mechanic I (several)
05 Animal Caretaker II (several)
05 Maintenance Worker (several)
03 Animal Caretaker I (several)
01 Custodian (several)