The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 28, 2002

May 28, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 36

GX resumes at Homewood; Levering Market affected
School of Medicine staff honored for service
Leadership Recognition Awards presented at Homewood
Students create safer helmet for whitewater sports
School of Nursing presents Pennington Award
Dietary component kills bacterial cause of ulcers, stomach cancer
Some two-adult households may not benefit poor children
Job Opportunities
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Commencement 2002
The enormous white tent pitched on Garland Field was filled to capacity both morning and afternoon on Thursday, May 23, as thousands gathered to watch members of the class of 2002 take their first steps off the Homewood campus toward the rest of their lives.
    The occasion was Johns Hopkins' 126th commencement, with the universitywide degree-conferring event followed a few hours later by the undergraduate diploma ceremony for the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering. Both ceremonies were punctuated with a steady stream of applause, spontaneous hoops and hollers, and even a few joyous airhorn blasts for good measure. Full story...

Evergreen's grounds become an artistic wonderland
The 16-foot-tall bamboo arch doesn't so much sit on Evergreen's garden lawn, it erupts. Spiked like a porcupine with blunted quills, the sculpture has a texture that begs to be explored.
    Some 30 yards away, set off in the woods, stand a number of Ailanthus trees wrapped in yellow beads, multicolored cloth ribbons and labels of green-tea bottles. The splash of bright colors beckons the observer into an otherwise gray patch of "trash trees" for a closer inspection. In whichever direction you look, something strange or beautiful can be found as, from now to the end of the summer, the flowers of imagination are in full bloom at Evergreen House. Full story...

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