The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 29, 2002
April 29-
May 6

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition



Mon., April 29, 4 p.m. "Battles Over Nature: The Politics and Science of Wildlife Conservation in India," an Anthropology colloquium with Mahesh Rangarajan. Co-sponsored by History. 400 Macaulay. HW

Tues., April 30, 4:15 p.m. "Hydrophobic Self-Assembly," a Chemistry colloquium with Lyle Isaacs, University of Maryland; 233 Remsen. HW

Tues., April 30, 4:30 p.m. "Modeling Shape: Computer Vision Meets the Euler Equation" by David Mumford, Brown University; Arellano Theater, Levering. HW



Wed., May 1, 12:15 p.m. Talk by Richard Doll, University of Oxford. Doll, with colleague Bradford Hill, wrote the landmark 1950 study that first established the link between smoking and lung cancer. W1214 BSPH. EB



Tues., April 30, 6 p.m. Screening of Unforgiven; 110 Gilman. HW



Mon., April 29, 5 p.m. "Kafka's Animal Stories: Minor Literatures in Modernity" by Marianne Schuller, Universitšt Hamburg; 111 Gilman. HW

Mon., April 29, 5 p.m. "Prostate Cancer Prevention--From Observation to Intervention" by Kathy Helzlsouer. Sponsored by the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. Hurd Hall. EB

Tues., April 30, 4:30 p.m. The Passano Lecture--"A Vaccinia Virulence Factor is a Z-DNA Binding Protein: A Possible Route to Smallpox Therapy" by Alexander Rich, MIT. Sponsored by Molecular Biology and Genetics. WBSB Auditorium. EB

Tues., April 30, 6 p.m. "The Eighth Wonder of the World: Robert Mills' Public Architecture in Washington, D.C." by Pamela Scott. Part of Baltimore's Great Architects: A View from 1800, the annual Architectural Lecture Series. Co-sponsored by Homewood House and History of Art. $10, $8 for Homewood House members (free for those at $50 level), JHU affiliates, AIA and ASID members. AMR1, Multipurpose Room. HW

Wed., May 1, 5 p.m. "Targeting Death Receptors in Cancer" by Avi Ashkenazi, Genentech, Inc. Sponsored by the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. Hurd Hall. EB

Thurs., May 2, 4 p.m. The Catherine DeAngelis Lecture for Women in Medicine--"Humanism, Advocacy, Doctors and Children" by Modena Wilson, American Academy of Pediatrics; Hurd Hall. EB

Fri., May 3, 11 a.m. "Library 101: JHU Catalog, E-Journals, Remote Access and WELDOC," a Welch Medical Library lecture by Donna Hesson. Part of the series An Introduction and Update on the Digital Library. Auditorium, Weinberg Bldg. EB

Fri., May 3, 12:15 p.m. "Epidemiology and Social Sciences: Toward a Critical Reengagement in the 21st Century," by Nancy Krieger, Harvard University School of Public Health; W3030 BSPH. EB



Mon., April 29, 7:30 p.m. Opera Potpourri, two one-act operas--Vaughan's Riders to the Sea and Ravel's L'Enfant et les Sortileges--performed. 410-659-8100, ext. 2. Friedberg Concert Hall. Peabody

Tues., April 30, noon. Midday Concert by the New York Guitar Quartet. Sponsored by Cultural Affairs. Hurd Hall. EB

Thurs., May 2, noon. Performances by the winners of the 2002 Prix d'Ete composition competition. Friedberg Concert Hall. Peabody

Fri., May 3, 5:45 p.m. "Peabody at Homewood, Music at the Museum" with the Moeller Cello and Guitar Duo (Kerena and Paul Moeller), who will perform music by Bach, Beaser, Villa-Lobos and Gnattali. $10, $8 for JHU affiliates; free to Homewood House members at $50 level and above. 410-516-8639. Homewood House Museum.

Sat., May 4, 7:30 p.m. The Peabody Camerata presents new music by Peabody students Daniel Thomas Davis, Ja-Yai Kim, Jeffrey Mumford and Joseph Schwanter. Griswold Hall. Peabody



Mon., April 29, noon. Open House for the Information Security Institute's new facility; 4th floor, Wyman Park Bldg. HW



Mon., April 29, 12:15 p.m. "The Impact of Orphanhood and Biological Relatedness on Child Survival in Rakai, Uganda" with David Bishai; W2030 BSPH. EB

Mon., April 29, 1 p.m. "Image-guided Medical Ultrasound Robot," an Electrical and Computer Engineering seminar with Purang Abolmaesumi, University of British Columbia; 114 Barton. HW

Mon., April 29, 4 p.m. The David Bodian Seminar in Neuroscience--"Mechanisms of Disparity Encoding in Primate VI" with Bruce Cumming, National Eye Institute, NIH; 338 Krieger. HW

Mon., April 29, 4 p.m. "Probing Mineral Weathering at Molecular Dimensions: In situ Synchrotron X-ray Reflectivity Studies of Orthoclase Dissolution," an Earth and Planetary Sciences seminar with Paul Fenter, Argonne National Laboratory; 305 Olin. HW

Mon., April 29, 4 p.m. "Mechanisms of DNA Joining in Eukaryotes," a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology seminar with Alan Tomkinson, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio; W2030 BSPH. EB

Mon., April 29, 5 p.m. "Industry's Approach to Cumulative Risk Assessment Under the Food Quality Protection Act for Organophosphate Pesticides" with James Bus, Dow Chemical Co.; W3030 BSPH. EB

Tues., April 30, noon. "Regulation of Cell and Neuronal Migration by Ena/VASP Proteins," a Biological Chemistry seminar with Frank Gertler, MIT; 612 Physiology. EB

Tues., April 30, 12:15 p.m. "Wnt Signaling in Development and Disease," a Carnegie Institution of Washington Embryology seminar with Randall Moon, University of Washington School of Medicine; Seminar Room, 115 W. University Pkwy. HW

Wed., May 1, 8:15 a.m. "Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study: Results of a Randomized Trial," a JHU Center for Clinical Trials seminar with Barbara Hawkins; W2030 BSPH. EB

Wed., May 1, noon. "Astrological Reform or Rejection? Renaissance Ways of Reading Giovanni Pico's 'Disputationes adversus astrologiam divinatricem' (1496)," a History of Science, Medicine and Technology lunchtime seminar with Steven Vanden Broecke; 234 Ames. HW

Wed., May 1, 1:30 p.m. "Protein Electrostatics From the Experimental Perspective: Did Computational Models Lead Us Astray?" a Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry seminar with Bertrand Garcia-Moreno; 517 PCTB. EB

Wed., May 1, 4 p.m. "Changes in Phonological False Memories as a Function of Age and Alzheimer's Disease," a Psychological and Brain Sciences seminar with Mitchell Sommers, Washington University; 234 Ames. HW

Wed., May 1, 4 p.m. "Understanding Cholesterol Oxidase: Control Flavin Reactivity and Catalysis at the Membrane," a Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences seminar with Nicole Sampson, SUNY, Stony Brook; 303 WBSB. EB

Wed., May 1, 4:15 p.m. "Wnt Signaling in Development and Disease," a Molecular Biology and Genetics seminar with Randall Moon, University of Washington; 517 PCTB. EB

Thurs., May 2, noon. "A Simple Mechanism Directs Polarized Secretion and Organelle Segregation During the Budding Yeast Cell Division Cycle," a Cell Biology seminar with Anthony Bretscher, Cornell University; Suite 2-200, 1830 Bldg. EB

Thurs., May 2, 12:45 p.m. "Intracellular Signaling by M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors: A Novel Signaling Cassette Mediates Activation of MAP Kinase and the Induction of Immediate-Early Genes," a Neuroscience research seminar with David Saffen, University of Minnesota; 811 WBSB. EB

Thurs., May 2, 4 p.m. "Early Development in Mouse," a Biology seminar with Janet Rossant, University of Toronto and Mt. Sinai Hospital; 100 Mudd. HW

Thurs., May 2, 4 p.m. "Splitting the Electron," a Physics and Astronomy seminar with Leon Balents, University of California, Santa Barbara; Schafler Auditorium, Bloomberg Center. HW

Thurs., May 2, 4 p.m. "All Hail to the Chief? An Exploration of Traditional Rulers in Modern Ghana" by Dorit Radzin, and "Ecuador: Preparation for a New Round of Human Rights Violations?" by Brandon Yoder, an Institute for Global Studies in Culture, Power and History seminar; 404 Macaulay. HW

Thurs., May 2, 4 p.m. "Upper Diagonal Data Distribution for Matrix Factorization," an Electrical and Computer Engineering seminar with Thomas Steck; 117 Barton. HW

Fri., May 3, 3:15 p.m. "Characterization of the Translin/Trax RNA Binding Complex," a Neuroscience thesis seminar with Patricia Finkenstadt; 811 WBSB. EB

Mon., May 6, 12:15 p.m. "Making Babies in the Era of AIDS: The Effects of HIV Viremia on Pregnancy in U.S. and Ugandan Women," a Reproductive Health seminar with Ruby Hong-Ngoc Nguyen; W2030 BSPH. EB

Mon., May 6, 3:30 p.m. "Structure and Function in Conventional and Unconventional Peptides" with Sam Gellman, University of Wisconsin; 109 Jenkins. HW

Mon., May 6, 4 p.m. "Development of a Novel Vertebrate Model for Understanding the Etiology of a Human Pediatric Eye Tumor (Retinoblastoma) and Environmental Carcinogenesis" a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology seminar with Gary Ostrander; W2030 BSPH. EB



Fri., May 3, 5 p.m. Oldies But Goodies Dance, with music from the 1950s to the present, with food, snacks, beer, wine and soft drinks, door prizes and a raffle wheel; all proceeds to benefit the JHU United Way Campaign. $15 in advance, $17 at the door. Glass Pavilion, Levering. HW



Mon., April 29, 3:30 p.m. Men's Baseball, vs. Neumann; Homewood Baseball Field. HW



Fri., May 3, and Sat., May 4, 8 p.m., and Sun., May 5, 2:15 p.m. Theatre Hopkins production of Pygmalion. $12 at the door on Friday evening, $15 on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. 410-516-7159. Merrick Barn. HW



Thurs., May 2, 4 p.m. PreHealth: AMCAS Essay Workshop with Mary Catherine Savage and Ronald Fishbein. How to write that winning essay to get into med school. 111 Mergenthaler. HW