The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 5, 2003
May 5, 2003
VOL. 32, NO. 33


Job Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The Johns Hopkins University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age disability or veteran status with regard to admission or employment or in any student program or activity administered by the university.
   This is a partial list of jobs currently available. A current list with descriptions can be found on the Web at


Office of Human Resources
Suite 5, Shriver Terrace, 410-516-8048
Job posting boards
Garland Hall, first floor; Gilman Hall, ground floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
95 Manager, Enterprise Networking Services U-03-10814
93 Software Development Project Manager P-03-10483
91 Training Specialist, ISIS Project U-03-10538
91 Applications System Analyst L-03-10722
47 Project Manager for Sponsored Projects, ERP U-03-10995
47 Finance Project Manager, ERP U-03-10994
47 Supply Chain Project Manager, ERP U-03-10993
46 Director, Cost/Research Accounting U-03-10954
44 Director, Finance and Administration, Management U-03-10611
43 Sr. Assoc. Director, Homewood Alumni Relations U-03-10716
42 Internal Auditor U-03-10544
42 Admin. Manager, Peabody Prep Y-03-10769
42 Sr. Construction Auditor U-03-10756
41 Asst. Director, Registration, PTE G-03-10852
41 Assoc. Editor, Johns Hopkins Magazine U-03-10519
41 Manager, Homewood Grounds S-03-10874
41 Coordinator, National Scholarship Program S-03-10723
41 R&D Engineer G-03-10632
40 Sr. Administrative Asst. P-03-10904
40 Sr. Employment Specialist, Development and Alummi Relations U-03-10478
39 Graduate Records Coordinator L-03-10807
39 Lab Coordinator II (several) P-03-10902
39 Occupational Health Nurse (part-time) U-03-10826
39 Budget Analyst II (several) P-03-10841
39 Concert Office Coordinator Y-03-10618
38 Administrative Asst. (several) S-03-10787
38 Accountant U-03-10910
38 Annual Giving Coordinator U-03-10754
38 Research Programmer S-03-10758
38 Curriculum Specialist P-03-10610
37 Sr. Laboratory Technician II P-03-10812
37 Campus Police Officer S-03-10971
37 Administrative Secretary S-03-10861
37 Sr. Lab Tech. II (part-time) P-03-10621
37 Program Asst. P-03-10956
37 Asst. to Acquisitions Editor 2-03-10681
36 Benefits Asst. (several) U-03-10928
36 Receptionist/Secretary U-03-10780
36 Accounting Asst. II, Accounts Payable U-03-10872
35 Library Asst. II, E/W Supervisor S-03-10900
34 A/V Technician (part-time) S-03-10617
34 Library Asst., Page Shelver S-03-10589
33 CTY Aide II (casual/several) S-03-10905
01 Custodian S-03-10869
00 Instructor/Special Asst. to the Dean E-03-10960

Schools of
Public Health
and Nursing

Office of Human Resources
2021 E. Monument St., 410-955-3006
Job posting boards
Public Health Building, lower level; Hampton House, lower level; School of Nursing, third floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
92 Sr. Network Administrator H-03-10470
92 Communications Distribution Designer H-03-10297
91 Sr. Programmer/Analyst H-03-10150
90 Network Specialist H-03-10831
90 Web Developer H-03-10469
90 Internet Systems Programmer H-02-7895
89 User Support Specialist II H-03-10300
89 Microcomputer Support Specialist K-03-10155
45 Monitoring and Evaluation, INFO H-02-9442
45 INFO Development Officer H-02-9764
45 Associate Director, Health Sciences H-02-8522
44 Sr. Program Officer/Resident Adviser H-03-10676
43 Evaluation Adviser H-02-9761
42 Financial Administrator/Manager H-03-10798
42 Project Director H-03-10730
42 Sr. Administrative/Financial Coordinator H-03-10646
42 Program Officer II H-03-10865
41 Project Coordinator H-03-10671
41 Sr. Research Program Coordinator II K-03-10684
41 Financial Manager H-02-9252
41 Child Survival Associate H-03-10863
40 Sr. Research Program Coord. H-03-10698
40 Sr. Research Program Coord. H-03-10598
40 Sr. Administrative Assistant K-03-10560
40 Sr. Academic Program Coord. H-03-10386
39 Research Nurse K-03-10809
39 Research Nurse K-03-10808
39 Research Program Coord. II H-03-10713
39 Regional Office Coord. II H-03-10719
39 Administrative Assistant II H-03-10613
39 Contracts Assistant H-02-9624
38 Regional Office Coordinator H-03-10717
38 Budget Analyst K-03-10309
38 Administrative Assistant H-03-10307
38 Administrative Assistant H-02-7804
37 Administrative Secretary H-03-10698
37 Sr. Telephone Services Rep H-03-10832
37 Environmental Sampling Asst. H-03-10755
37 Licensed Practical Nurse H-03-10071
36 Sr. Teller H-03-10964
36 Sr. Laboratory Technician H-03-10171
34 Secretary H-03-10382
00 Director, Research and Evaluation Office H-02-9845
00 Director, Communication Strategy H-03-10668

School of

Office of Human Resources
98 N. Broadway, 3rd floor, 410-955-2990
Job posting boards
1730 Building, ground floor; JHH, several locations; Outpatient Center, ground level; Bayview Medical Center Asthma & Allergy Center, Atrium elevator lobby

Pay Grade Position Job Number
43 Sponsored Projects Manager M03-10299
41 International QA/QC Coordinator (several)
41 Sr. Research Program Coordinator/Manager M-02-9078
41 Research Nurse/Program Coordinator M-03-10179
41 Research Nurse/Clinic Manager M-03-10157
40 Sr. Research Program Coord. M-02-9806
40 Clinical Nurse/Program Coordinator M-03-10114
40 Sr. Budget Analyst M03-10561
39 Research Nurse M-03-10262
39 Lipid Lab Coord/Technician M-02-9366
39 Research Program Coordinator M-02-9905
39 Administrative Assistant II (several)
39 Lipid Lab Coordinator/Technician M-02- 9393
38 Research Technician M-02-9282
38 Research Technician M-02-9366
38 Research Technician M-02-9317
38 Sr. Public Health Outreach Worker M-02-10127
38 Administrative Assistant (several)
37 Research Data Asst. III M03-10250
37 Payroll/Budget Assistant M-03-10163
37 Neuropsychology Testing Technician M-03-10029
37 Financial Aid Assistant M03-10446
37 OMIM Information Coord. M-03-10256
37 Insurance Specialist M03-10057
37 Sr. Patient Service Coordinator (several)
37 Administrative Secretary (several)
37 Medical Office Coordinator (several)
37 Sr. Laboratory Technician M-02-9261
37 Sr. Laboratory Technician II M-02-9278
37 Sr. Laboratory Technician II M-02-9420
36 Sr. Laboratory Technician M-02-9291
35 Technical (casual) M-02-10016
05 Maintenance Worker (several)
05 Animal Facility Specialist (several)
03 Animal Facility Assistant (several)
01 Custodian (several)