The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 7, 2003
April 7, 2003
VOL. 32, NO. 29


Electronic Waste at Homewood Campus Can be Recycled, Redistributed

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Along with the rapid improvements being made in the computer and technology industries come increasing disposal challenges for those who want to dispose of computers and electronic equipment in an environmentally sensitive way.

A variety of heavy metals contained in personal computers and electronics can be hazardous to the public and the environment, and in two states, computer monitors have become regulated hazardous waste.

This has not yet occurred in Maryland, but the Facilities Management Office on the Homewood campus has been proactive in keeping this portion of their solid waste stream out of local incinerators and landfills. The office contracts with Subtractions, a Maryland recycling company, to reclaim and recycle Johns Hopkins' unwanted technology components.

Additionally, early generation computers that are still useful in their present state are donated to a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Homewood Facilities has funded the electronic waste recycling and redistribution program since 1997. Some individual departments assist in the effort by reimbursing the cost of recycling waste monitors.

To arrange a pickup of a university-owned computer or to learn more about the program, contact Pat Moran, Homewood recycling coordinator, at 410-516-5592 or To help fund the program, submit an M&S form to pay for the cost of any monitor disposal ($7.50 each). You are also asked to provide a list of any items that are still in good working order.

The recycling program or its personnel cannot take responsibility for information stored on hard drives. All sensitive information should be removed before having a computer picked up.