The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 12, 2003

May 12, 2003
VOL. 32, NO. 34

Group envisions a JHU digital file cabinet
American Academy of Arts and Sciences elects five from JHU
Diversity Recognition Awards held May 6
Philip Hartman, pioneer in microbial genetics, dies at 76
Sharon Olds to present sixth annual Joshua Ringel Memorial Reading
Job Opportunities
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Investing in students
In early 2000, the stock market literally exploded with activity. The Nasdaq Composite Index, a standard market barometer, soared above 5,000 for the first time in its history. On Wall Street, trading volume approached 2 billion shares a day. Dividends rolled in. Brokers and investors alike had plenty to smile about.
   Among those grinning was a group of eight Johns Hopkins undergraduates, the founding members of the Marshal L. Salant Student Investing Team, who had just learned they were to receive the first $20,000 installment of a pledged $100,000 donation with which they could invest as they saw fit. The program, which officially began in 2001 and is funded through 2005, aims to provide undergraduates with the real-world experience of investing and the university with money for scholarships. Full story...

New center on sudden cardiac death
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has been awarded a four-year, $24 million gift from the Las Vegas-based Donald W. Reynolds Foundation to establish a multidisciplinary center focused exclusively on reducing the rate of sudden cardiac death.
   Scientists supported by the new Donald W. Reynolds Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center at Johns Hopkins will aggressively pursue novel biological therapies, including stem cells, to prevent abnormal heart rhythms and sudden death in patients recovering from heart attack. They also will use modern imaging techniques to better define the functional, structural and metabolic features of the heart posing the greatest risk for life-threatening arrhythmias in post-heart attack patients. In addition, they will look to identify genetic- and protein-related indicators of sudden cardiac death and will develop new methods to study genetic markers among patients at varying levels of risk for the condition. Full story...

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