Johns Hopkins Gazette | August 18, 2003
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University August 18, 2003 | Vol. 32 No. 42

For the Record: Milestones

Cheers is a monthly listing of honors and awards received by faculty, staff and students plus recent appointments and promotions. Contributions must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by a phone number.


Academic and Cultural Centers

15 years of service
Harrington, Brian Grant, MSE Library
Maynard, Rebecca S., Center for Talented Youth

10 years of service
Kirk, Elizabeth Ellen, MSE Library
York, Cynthia, MSE Library

5 years of service
Piekarski, Carolyn F., MSE Library
Raynor, Deborah E., JHPIEGO Corporation


Bloomberg School of Public Health

35 years of service
Lyons, Marcia Barbara, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

25 years of service
Uhl, Kenneth Steven, Facilities Maintenance

15 years of service
Elliott, Janet, Custodial Services
Linehan, Michael J., Facilities Planning and Management
Macri, Kristin K., Environmental Health Sciences
Taylor, Zachary, Custodial Services

10 years of service
Baumrind, Lisa A., Epidemiology

5 years of service
Benning, Lorie L., Epidemiology
Hackett, Lori Niccole, Dean's Office
Hines, Joyce M., Health Policy and Management
Mueller, Francine N., Center for Communication Programs


Health Divisions Administration

15 years of service
Caster, Troy Maurice, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Henry, Christopher, Welch Medical Library

10 years of service
Jeter, Mary M., Continuing Education
Miller, Mary Ellen, Public Affairs

5 years of service
Centofanti, Marjorie Lee, Public Affairs
Firlie, Jennifer Lynn, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Nicolaus, Bonnie, Continuing Education
Queen, Suzanne, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Swingle, Anne-Bennett, Public Affairs


Homewood Student Affairs

10 years of service
Savage, Vernon T., Counseling Center

5 years of service
Dorrian, Sharon, Undergrad Admissions/Recruitments
Rauenzahn, Gail, Registrar's Office


Johns Hopkins Press

5 years of service
Muhler, Mary E., JHU Press


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

10 years of service
Bianchet, Mario Antonio, Biophysics
Falk, Adam F., Dean's Office


School of Medicine

Beverungen, Margaret W., 27 years, Hematology
Smith, Linda S., 25 years, Hematology

40 years of service
Bowles, Jerome, Custodial Services

35 years of service
Dlubala, Sharon, Oncology

30 years of service
Mendeloff, Henry A., Facilities Management
Wright, Glenda M., Pathology

25 years of service
Deangelis, Catherine, Dean's Office
Felter, Catherine P., Ophthalmology
Perry, Helen, Research Administration
Silkworth, Irma, Surgery

20 years of service
Cripps, Lynn Ann, Medical Psychology
King, Karen Ann, Institute of Genetic Medicine

15 years of service
Bandell, Elizabeth, Ophthalmology
Capps, Melissa Fales, Cardiovascular
Crowley, Judy, Physicians Billing Services
Doyle, Veronica, Ophthalmology
Rogic, Roselyn, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Tyson, Betty Ann, Neurosurgery
Washington, Tonya R., Human Resources

10 years of service
Bassford, Ruth E., Pediatrics
Carmichael, Aledia F., Neuroscience
Casella, Monica Marie, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Hawkes, Sherrie A., Oncology Administration
Hegarty, Robert W., Medicine
Kalaff, Abdul, Radiology
Meszler, Leslie B., Oncology
Shepherd, Amber R., Ophthalmology

5 years of service
Alston, Michelle D., Gynecology-Obstetrics
Bezek, Joseph G., Clinical Practice Association
Buxbaum, Denise L., Dome Rheumatology
Carr, Cathy, Interdepartmental
Dunn, John Malinin, Ophthalmology
Durbin, Stephen, Pulmonary
Harrison, Joseph A., Behavioral Pharmacology
Jakubowski, Judith, Cornerstone
Jurao, Robert A., Ophthalmology
Karacki, Peter, Medicine
Kelly, Kathleen M., Internal Medicine
Lee, Shing Mirn, Oncology
Levy, Ella, Pediatrics
Li, Yingying, Ophthalmology
Lowery, Lavern E., Pediatrics
Medina, Elizabeth, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Miller, Domenica, Basic Sciences Institute
Morgan, Denise M., Pathology Billing
Polotsky, Anna V., Orthopedic Surgery
Prochownik, Jadwiga, Orthopedic Surgery
Reniere, Elizabeth A., Ophthalmology
Smith, Wayne, Clinical Practice Association
Walker, Kimberly, Neurology Billing
Zhelonkina, Alevtina G., Biological Chemistry


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

15 years of service
Flores, Humberto A., Facilities Management
London, Deryck A., Facilities Management


School of Nursing

25 years of service
Rent, Nancy, Academic and Student Services

15 years of service
Johnson, Nadiyah, Doctoral Program
Tabaka, Richard, Finance and Administration

10 years of service
Campbell, Jacquelyn C., Doctoral Program


Peabody Institute

25 years of service
Lobingier, Chris, Music Library

20 years of service
Lane, David H., Admissions Office

15 years of service
Racine, William P., Recording Program
Soskin, Eileen, Conservatory


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

10 years of service
Torbit, Sharlene, Finance and Administration

5 years of service
Hannon, Natalie, Finance and Administration
Nass, Gregg, Center for Technology in Education


University Administration

40 years of service
Poehler, Theodore O., Provost's Office

30 years of service
Carter, Susan Marie, Human Resources Benefits Administration
Minter, Audrey F., Special Events

25 years of service
Baliko, Geraldine F., JH Federal Credit Union

15 years of service
Campbell, Stephen M., Facilities Management
Hill, Marguerite P., Vice President for Human Resources Office

10 years of service
Burger, Paula Phillips, Provost's Office
Douglas, Thomas E., Security Services
McIntosh, Maggie, Government, Community and Public Affairs
Townsend, Prest, Plant Operations and Maintenance

5 years of service
Aaron, Sabra, Development and Alumni Relations
Barnes, Walter, Security Services
Brown, Carol R., Training and Education Center
Newkirk, Donald H., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Saunders, Deborah Lazenby, Alumni Relations
Small, Glenn M., News and Information
Trombetta, Rose, Plant Operations and Maintenance


Whiting School of Engineering

25 years of service
Eggleston, Debra S., APL-CPIA Century Plaza

20 years of service
Douglas, Andrew Sholto, Full-Time Engineering

10 years of service
MacKenzie, Margaret J., Biomedical Engineering

5 years of service
Rifkin, Steve, Computer Science


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