Johns Hopkins Gazette | October 20, 2003
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University October 20, 2003 | Vol. 33 No. 8

For the Record: Milestones

Cheers is a monthly listing of honors and awards received by faculty, staff and students plus recent appointments and promotions. Contributions must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by a phone number.


Academic and Cultural Centers

Owen, Patricia, 19 years, Center for Talented Youth

40 years of service
Blouse, Ann R., JHPIEGO Corp.

25 years of service
Lallal, Bertha L., MSE Library

15 years of service
Reynolds, Benjamin J., Center for Talented Youth
Slingluff, Deborah, MSE Library

10 years of service
Hyre, Anne Atkinson, JHPIEGO Corp.
Weyforth, Victoria A., Center for Talented Youth

5 years of service
Claremon, Linda, MSE Library
Gielec, Linda M., MSE Library
Lovett, Patricia, MSE Library
Reale, Laurence Marie, JHPIEGO Corp.
Reynolds, David, MSE Library


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Jarrell, Charles, 10 years, Epidemiology

25 years of service
Compton, Anne W., Center for Communication Programs

20 years of service
Newcomer, Rebecca, Master of Public Health Program
Rukstelis, Debra Ann, Center for Communication Programs
Yates, Katherine C., Epidemiology

15 years of service
Bouver, Nicole G., Center for Communication Programs
Donaldson, Connie M., Center for American Indian and Alaskan Native Health

10 years of service
Abubaker, Salahaddin, Environmental Health Sciences
Deane-Hibbert, Yvonne, International Health
Leffler, Melissa A., International Health

5 years of service
Brown, Le'Schell, Environmental Health Sciences
Lemke, Klaus W., Health Policy and Management
Marks, George E., Custodial Services
Nock, Brenda J., Population and Family Health Sciences
Tignor, Paul S., Information Systems
Verina, Tatyana, Environmental Health Sciences
Welch, Claudette S., Population and Family Health Sciences


Health Divisions Administration

30 years of service
Kim, Chung Sook, Welch Medical Library

20 years of service
Sheffield, Cynthia L., Welch Medical Library

10 years of service
Traub, Alison Elizabeth, Fund for Johns Hopkin Medicine

5 years of service
Hider, Kathleen E., Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Jones, Elise, Development Services
Kerilla, Jennifer L., Student and Housing Staff Services


Homewood Student Affairs

Choe, Chae C., 11 years, Housing

10 years of service
Kugler, Sharon M., Campus Ministry Office
Stephens, Elizabeth D., Homewood Student Accounts


Johns Hopkins Club

10 years of service
Eley, Shelton D., The Johns Hopkins Club


Johns Hopkins Press

15 years of service
Walsh, Michael J., Marketing

5 years of service
Jordan, James D., Director, Johns Hopkins Press


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

40 years of service
Vansant, Marguerite, Chemistry

15 years of service
MacIver, Douglas J., CSOS
McCandliss, Stephan R., Physics and Astronomy
Salinas, Karen C., CSOS
Wasik, Barbara, CSOS

10 years of service
Friedman, Jill A., History
Kaiser, Mary Elizabeth, Physics and Astronomy
Williams, Lisa Ann, Political Science

5 years of service
Andersson, Bengt Goran, Physics and Astronomy
Castellano, Marisa, CSOS
Garmon, James W., Psychological and Brain Sciences
Jones, Andrea M., Development
McCaffery, John, Biology
Roberts, Bryce A., Physics and Astronomy
Seda, Dawn Gabrielle, CSOS
Waltemeyer, Maria, CSOS


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

10 years of service
McKenzie, Anne M., Latin American Studies


Peabody Institute

Allen, Katherine B., 16 years, Conservatory

25 years of service
Nelson, Elizabeth C., Admissions

10 years of service
Cooper, Deborah Rhonda, Preparatory School

5 years of service
Mason, Robert G., Security


School of Medicine

Beer, Josephine Norma, 18 years, Medical Psychology
Danna, Rosalie L., 19 years, Gastroenterology
Norton, Timothy Cliff, 32 years, Mail Services
Toms, Nellie Fae, 15 years, Cardiovascular
Uphoff, Catherine, 54 years, Psychiatry
Yazvac, Peggy Ann, 16 years, Anesthesiology

45 years of service
Kluka, Michael, Biological Chemistry

40 years of service
Foy, Mary E., Academic Affairs

30 years of service
Buedel, Mary, Urology
Rommel, Mary F., Billing

25 years of service
Grossi, Richard A., Dean's Office
Price, Antoinette C., Pathology
Snell, Joann P., Geriatrics

20 years of service
Davis, Eileen Marie, Urology Billing
Golembieski, Doris L., Student Affairs
Marburger, Barbara Nizer, Physicians Billing
Simms, Freda M., Ophthalmology

15 years of service
Barnes-Sanchez, Kathleen, Pathology
Billmyer, Dianna, Hematology
Chromo, Carrilee Louise, Urology
Cote, Louis Henry, Human Resources
Driggers, Anna Maria, Physicians Billing
Eggleston, Marion P., Pathology
Hennel, Terri L., Surgery
Kammerer, Mumtaz, Ophthalmology
Keyser, Mary Louise, Psychiatry
Lee, Soo, Custodial Services
Martinez, Elizabeth, Clinical Pharmacology
Shaw, Jacqueline F., Neuroscience
Wood, Shirl Lyn, Pediatrics

10 years of service
Alascia, Kathleen R., Pediatrics
Bernard, Tina M., Billing Office
Candy, Joann, Orthopedic Surgery
Dill, Christina, Oncology
Iglehart, Brian A., Medical Genetics
Jackson, Henry, Purchasing
Lane, Karen, Neurology
Lin, Huizhi, Gastroenterology
Ramroop, Rosemary, Gynecology
Van'T Hoff, Rosemarie, Facilities Management

5 years of service
Allen, George T., Medicine
Bark, Craig, Center for Inherited Disease Research
Blechman, Gary, Pediatrics
Boyce, Carolyn, Center for Inherited Disease Research
Cooke, Carol Anne, Cell Biology
Dean, Carol Ann, Psychiatry
Galford, Jennifer A., Pathology
Gillis, Lashawn, Pediatrics
Green, Janette, Physicians Billing
James, Tracey, Bayview-White Marsh Specialty Group
Jarell, Margaret M, Psychiatry
Keiser, Kimberly, General Medicine
Mack, Sylvia, Anesthesiology Billing
Roberts, Laura, Urology
Rodman, Alice H., Infectious Diseases
Smith, Joseph, Pediatrics
Telesca, Jessica, Neurology Billing
Wasta, Vanessa, Oncology Administration
Watty, Shanel Maria, Clinical Pharmacology
Williams, Vincent J., Oncology-Clinical
Yonkers, Jacqueline, Oncology-Clinical


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

20 years of service
Fessler, Ralph, Dean, School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

15 years of service
Tucker, Cynthia E., Business Division
Ziolkowski, Kathleen B., Office of the Dean

5 years of service
Murthy, Sharada, Office of Finance and Administration


University Administration

George, Joseph Edgar, 13 years, Accounting Services
Green, Sidney, 46 years, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Krout, Ernest, 21 years, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Walker, Billie, 25 years, Development Fund

35 years of service
Westfall, James C., Printing Services

30 years of service
Aquino, David Glenn, Controller's Office

20 years of service
Jackson, Carolyn, Accounting Services

15 years of service
Lange, Alice P., Treasurer's Office
Mixter, Sandra Lee, Security Services
Ragin, Cynthia L., Human Resources Benefits Administration
Smith, George L., Plant Operations and Maintenance

10 years of service
Cho, Sang Bong, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Mace, Maria, Development Fund
Nesbitt, Therese M., Student Information Service
Palmer, Carolyn L., Training and Education Center
Ruble, Kim A., President's Office

5 years of service
Dollard, Christine E., Homewood Human Resources
Feeley, Bernadette, Controller's Office
Heitt, Michael, Faculty/Staff Assistance Program
Johnson, Tyrese L., Development and Alumni Relations
Pollard, Robin, Provost's Office
Taylor, Robert E., Projects Administration


Whiting School of Engineering

15 years of service
Hammer, Deirdre Lynn, Engineering Instructional
O'Neil, Joseph F., Geography and Environmental Engineering

10 years of service
Benesch, Stephanie Lynn, Business Office
Moore, Thomas Lee, Chemical Propulsion Information Agency


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