The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 24, 2003

February 24, 2003
VOL. 32, NO. 23

APL to implement NASA Geospace missions
Would-be docs seek glimpses into their future
Changes in East Baltimore mail services
Wanted: A few good advisers
JHU consortium awarded $4 million to develop HIV programs
'Open Hands Open Hearts': Exploring diverse faith traditions
Consent-form language is too complex for many, study finds
Job Opportunities
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Funny fish, serious science
No doubt about it, Eric Fortune runs with a colorful crowd. The young assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences enthusiastically peppers his conversation with strange and entertaining anecdotes about professional colleagues like the scientist who smeared praying mantises with Vaseline, or the researcher who identified eye muscles in swordfish that gave up acting like muscles and went to work as heaters instead.
   And he's got more than a few stories to tell about his own research in odd-looking species of fish known collectively as weakly electric fish. Full story...

Snow falls, university fights back
On Saturday they dug in; over the next several days, they dug us out. As the record-setting blizzard of 2003 blanketed the region with nearly 30 inches of snow last week, a resolute force of Johns Hopkins staff waged a seemingly endless battle to keep university paths cleared, through roads open and parking lots and entrances accessible.
   Working around the clock for three days straight, the various grounds, facilities and custodial crews stood toe-to-toe with Mother Nature's full fury in an endeavor to reopen the university and keep people and property safe. Full story...

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