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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University June 7, 2004 | Vol. 33 No. 37
ISIS Marks Major Milestone As Student Billing System Goes Live Universitywide

The student billing system, one of four modules of the new JHU Internet Student Information System known as ISIS, went live June 1 across the entire university. Students will now be able to access and pay their tuition and fees online, and business offices will be able to view billing, financial aid and certain registration information in a single application. The system will eventually eliminate the need for most paper bills.

Many schools have already implemented the admissions module, and the financial aid module is currently being used by three pilot schools — Medicine, Nursing and Public Health — with other divisions soon to follow. The records and registration module is scheduled for completion by summer 2006. Once all four modules are fully implemented, current and prospective JHU students will visit a single Web site to apply for admission, register for classes, access financial aid, receive their grades and view and pay their bills.

Barb Shaffer, executive director of the ISIS project, notes that the SBS implementation is "a major milestone toward full implementation of ISIS."

Shaffer points out that among those who should find the online student billing system particularly helpful are international students and their parents. "In the past, the extra time incurred with international mail — time to receive bills as well as to return payments — has posed a problem for our international students," she says. "With the implementation of the new billing system, bills can be viewed and paid online in a matter of minutes from anywhere in the world."

Everyone involved with the SBS implementation deserves recognition, says Shaffer, noting a special thanks to Barb Warrent and Beth Bishop, SBS functional team leads, and Geof Corb and Steve Hellen, SBS technical team leads, who headed this major undertaking.
— Ming Tai


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