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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University October 11, 2004 | Vol. 34 No. 7
Innovative Service Will Allow JHED Users to Share Their Computer Files

Sharing computer files just got easier. IT @ Johns Hopkins goes live today with JShare, a new and innovative service that allows users to store and share files via the Internet. JShare is a Web-based utility intended to provide students, faculty and staff with a personal, easy-to-use interface to upload, download and share files to users both inside and outside the institutions.

Features of JShare include, but are not limited to, 100 megabytes of space for student, faculty and staff file storage; secure file access from anywhere at any time; advanced collaboration and document management; file sharing both inside and outside Johns Hopkins; ability to e-mail files as links to reduce the load on e-mail systems; and the ability to create and maintain personal Web sites.

JShare is a multiplatform application and works with most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla. Minor differences may occur depending on which operating system and Web browser are being used, but the basic functionality is the same.

JShare is available to members of the Johns Hopkins community with a JHED account and can be accessed by logging into JHED and then selecting "My Apps" and "JShare." To gain access, first-time users will be taken to a document containing terms and conditions of use; once the terms have been agreed to, the link for JShare will be provided, and the service may be used immediately. Online training is available at

While this system can be used to store files for sharing and retrieval, users are encouraged to keep copies of their information as the system is not archived for general file retrieval purposes. In the event of a disaster, however, files will be restored from the most recent server backup.

For more information about JShare, go to Comments or questions about the service can be sent to


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