Johns Hopkins Gazette | August 16, 2004
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University August 16, 2004 | Vol. 33 No. 42

Job Opportunities

The Johns Hopkins University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age disability or veteran status with regard to admission or employment or in any student program or activity administered by the university.

This is a partial list of jobs currently available. A current list with descriptions can be found on the Web at

Office of Human Resources
Suite 5, Shriver Terrace, 410-516-8048

Job posting boards
Garland Hall, first floor; Gilman Hall, ground floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
95 Manager, Enterprise Directory/Web Services U-04-13992
92 Sr. Program Coordinator, IT and Distance Education S-03-13963
90 Microcomputer/Server Support Specialist U-03-13724
90 WebCT Training Specialist S-03-13937
47 Sr. Director, Benefits Administration U-03-13887
43 Director, Engineering Research Center Operations G-03-13866
43 Regional Site Manager P-03-13889
42 Sr. Internal Auditor U-03-13606
42 Sr. Financial Administrator S-03-13853
42 Research Engineer II G-03-13818
42 Assoc. Director, Development (A&S) P-03-13658
41 Staff Internal Auditor U-03-13606
41 Corporate/Government Liaison, Advanced Academic Programs P-03-13505
41 Coordinator, Academic Programs S-03-13914
41 Coordinator, Academic Programs, CTY S-03-13913
41 Instructional Facilitator (English) P-03-13735
41 Instructional Systems Designer U-03-13864
40 Benefits Consultant U-03-13611
40 Sr. Budget Analyst G-03-13919
39 Gift Societies Coordinator U-03-13704
39 Registration Coordinator II P-03-13958
39 Electronic Promotion Coordinator 2-03-13637
39 Research Assistant II (several) P-03-13671
39 Piano Technician Y-04-13971
38 Benefits Representative U-03-13789
38 Budget Analyst (several) P-03-13793
38 Alumni Relations Services Coordinator U-03-13762
38 Program Coordinator, Center for Summer Programs L-03-13907
38 Administrative Assistant (several) U-03-13885
38 Research Assistant (several) E-03-13932
38 Online Production Specialist II 2-04-14008
38 Donor Relations Coordinator U-03-13722
37 Payroll/Budget Assistant U-03-13802
37 Administrative Secretary (several) E-03-13929
37 Transcript/Records Assistant L-03-13826
36 H.R. Assistant U-02-13765
36 Secretary III U-03-13584
35 Research Subjects Tracer P-03-13792
33 Accounting Aide (casual) S-03-11829
33 Registration Aide (casual) S-03-11517
09 Pipefitter/Plumber S-04-13983
09 Electrician S-04-13980
09 Maintenance Mechanic II L-04-14009
04 Receiving Clerk (several) U-03-13779
00 Assoc. Dean/Director, Graduate Division of Education E-03-13951
00 Ethics Faculty E-04-14018

Bloomberg School of Public Health and School of Nursing
Office of Human Resources
2021 E. Monument St., 410-955-3006

Job posting boards
Public Health Building, lower level; Hampton House, lower level; School of Nursing,
third floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
93 Biostatistical Program Manager H-04-14305
92 Sr. Systems Analyst H-04-15995
92 Lead System Administrator H-04-16105
92 Sr. System Administrator H-04-16106
91 Statistical Programmer/Data Analyst H-04-15797
90 Sr. Research Data Coordinator H-03-12457
90 Programmer/Analyst H-04-14877
90 Web Communications Specialist H-04-15406
89 Research Data Coordinator II H-04-14518
89 User Support Specialist II H-04-14994
43 Communications Director, Genetics and Public Policy Center H-04-14820
43 Child Survival Associate H-04-16109
42 Sr. Sponsored Projects Coordinator H-04-15175
42 Monitoring and Evaluation Coord. H-04-15326
41 Project Coordinator II H-04-14557
41 Biostatistician H-04-14688
41 Project Administrator H-04-15678
40 Stewardship Coordinator II H-04-15360
40 Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner H-04-15935
40 Research Analyst H-04-15307
39 Administrative Assistant II H-04-15754
39 Support Services Program Coordinator H-04-15628
39 Academic Program Coordinator II H-04-15875
39 Department Payroll Coordinator II H-04-15950
38 Administrative Asst. or Administrative Asst. II H-04-15754
38 Research Technician II H-04-15167
38 Content Selection Specialist H-04-14848
38 Multimedia Technical Specialist II H-04-16094
38 Research Assistant H-04-15973
37 Budget Assistant III H-04-15716
37 Sr. Laboratory Tech. II H-04-14347
37 Research Program Assistant III H-04-15247
36 Sr. Laboratory Technician H-04-15452
36 Research Interviewer III H-03-10828
36 Research Program Assistant II H-04-15643
35 Food Service Worker II H-04-15994
35 Office Secretary II H-04-16112
31 Office Aide H-04-16099
09 Painter II H-04-14595
01 Custodian (11 p.m.-7:30 a.m.) H-04-14474
01 Custodian (3:30 p.m.-midnight) H-04-15972
01 Custodian (7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.) H-04-15971
01 Custodian (11 p.m.-7:30 a.m.) H-04-14474

School of Medicine
Office of Human Resources
98 N. Broadway, 3rd floor, 410-955-2990

Job posting boards
1830 Building, ground floor; JHH, several locations; Outpatient Center, ground level;
Bayview Medical Center Asthma & Allergy Center, Atrium elevator lobby

Pay Grade Position Job Number
41 Nurse Practitioner/Program Coordinator M-04-14129
41 Research Nurse/Program Supervisor M-04-14403
40 Sr. Research Program Coordinator Oncology
40 Rehab Nurse Consultant M-04-14560
39 Clinical Nurse Medicine
39 Research Program Coordinator II M-04-14165
38 User System Specialist Facilities
38 Budget Analyst Medicine
38 Research Assistant Urology
38 Research Assistant M-04-14274
38 Research Program Coordinator M-04-14398
38 Program Coordinator M-04-14524
37 Asst. Executive Health Coordinator M-04-14567
37 Sr. Patient Service Coordinator (several)
37 Medical Office Coordinator (several)
36 Research Interviewer III M-04-14427
36 Medical Secretary M-04-10462
36 Secretary III M-04-14860
- Administrative Assistant (several)
- Administrative Secretary (several)


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