Johns Hopkins Gazette | January 20, 2004
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University January 20, 2004 | Vol. 33 No. 18

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in December of 2003. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

20 years of service
Collier, Abby L., MSE Library
Wagner, Cheryl, MSE Library

10 years of service
Cofield, Wonda, Center for Talented Youth
Koger, Lisa M., Institute for Policy Studies
Schweitzer, John D., MSE Library

5 years of service
Giglitto, Timothy, Center for Talented Youth


Bloomberg School of Public Health

15 years of service
Folmer, Janet Sue, Biochemistry/Reproductive Biology
Sadiki, Chala, Epidemiology

10 years of service
Downs, Lilly V., Epidemiology
Fulton, Michele L., Mental Health
Lentz, Andrew, Distance Education Program

5 years of service
Childs, Dawn A., Mental Health
Schoemaker, Juan F., Center for Communication Programs
Shields, Wendy C., Health Policy and Management
Soliman, Soliman F., Center for Communication Programs


Homewood Student Affairs

5 years of service
Sussman, Ellen B., Student Employment and Payroll Services


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

30 years of service
Miller, Joan Caryn, Biology

20 years of service
Callahan, Jane S., Physics and Astronomy
Powers, Patricia Ann, Academic Advising

15 years of service
Sanders, Richard Jay, Academic Advising

10 years of service
Carr, Selina C., Biology

5 years of service
Elbert, David C., Earth and Planetary Sciences
Fleming, Nancy L., Dean's Office


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Promen, Peter John, 29 years, SAIS Library


Peabody Institute

Sommers, Nancy L., 14 years, Public Information

15 years of service
Schelberg, M. Allison, Administrative Services

5 years of service
Parks, Amy Carol, Preparatory Instruction


School of Medicine

Cookley, Karen E., 24 years, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Johnson, Darleen, 16 years, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Sparks, Barbara A., 16 years, GYN/OB Billing
Wessel, Kenneth W., 27 years, Institute of Genetic Medicine

20 years of service
Gilbert, Donna Lynn, Ophthalmology
Hall, William M., Anesthesiology Billing
Robinson, Joellen, Neurology

15 years of service
Bowling, Bonnie J., Surgery
Geho, Linda Joyce, Pediatrics
Pongstaphone, Katanyu Tan, Otolaryngology
Rucker, Susan Catherine, Infectious Diseases

10 years of service
Brown, Anna Louise, Infectious Diseases
Brown, Otanya, Outpatient Operation
Dausch, Michael J., IV, Facilities Management
Fisher, James Edward, Jr., Infectious Diseases
Hoepfner, Loretta I., General Medicine
Marseglia, Katherine G., Radiology
Rode, Donna Kay, Gastroenterology
Scott, Jo Ann, Infectious Diseases
Yochem, Robert, Gynecology/Obstetrics

5 years of service
Ball, D. Naomi, Pediatrics
Balzano, Jennifer S., Pediatrics
Brewster, Robin L., Otolaryngology
Bucholtz, Jennifer, Cancer Prevention and Control
Carter-Brookins, Denise, Oncology
Christopher, Jared R., General Clinical Research Centers
Collins, Karen M., Cardiovascular
Kerfoot, Amy L., Oncology
Koo, Hyung M., Psychiatry
Lassen, Deborah S., Urology
Liu, Jinhuan, Pathology
Maranto, Cynthia, Radiology
Moran, Elizabeth, Human Subjects Research
Nelson, Ruth Yvonne, Emergency Medicine
Pollard, Paulette, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Price, Christina, Radiology
Rice, Tasha, General Medicine
Riche, Tracey, Infectious Diseases
Romm, Jane, CIDR
Strong, Margaret A., Molecular Biology and Genetics
Von Paris, Patricia, Pathology Billing
Wainwright, A.F., Radiology
Watkins, Donna, Outpatient Operation
Watts, Khalid, General Surgery
Westley, Bernadine, Otolaryngology


School of Nursing

10 years of service
Holley, Stacey, Institute for Nursing


University Administration

Bounsynhavong, Sone P., 22 years, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Fromm, Michael R., 14 years, Security Services
Henderson, Leroy, 24 years, Housing Office
Kunkel, Eddora, 19 years, Accounts Payable
Kvech, Penny, 18 years, Annual Fund Office
Mayo, Alfred, 11 years, Security Services
Minter, Audrey F., 30 years, Special Events
Rheb, Sarah C., 36 years, Accounts Payable
Sparks, Gary Wayne, 17 years, Purchasing Office

25 years of service
Lance, Robert R., Jr., Financial Information Services (October)

10 years of service
Harding, Victoria Ann, Data Center Services

5 years of service
Boyd, Adele, Printing Services
Holmes, Patricia, Telecommunications
Horsley, Antonia Louise, Office of Senior VP for Administration
Schreiber, Bret Allan, Government, Community and Public Affairs
Torrence, Stephen A., Controller's Office


Whiting School of Engineering

20 years of service
Counihan, Sharon P., Chemical Propulsion


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