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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University May 2, 2005 | Vol. 34 No. 32
Implementation Teams Will Lead HopkinsOne Transition

By Jeanne Johnson

Over the past couple of months, 24 implementation teams have been formed within Johns Hopkins to work hand in hand with the HopkinsOne project team to oversee the transition to new software and procedures.

Begun in 2003, the HopkinsOne project will replace many of Hopkins' business and financial systems with updated procedures and integrated software called SAP.

Teams typically consist of five or six people for each school, health care entity or other distinct Johns Hopkins organization. About 130 team members are in place so far, and HopkinsOne representatives have been meeting with them for kick-off events at their respective locations.

"Implementation team members are the 'go-to' people who will work with the HopkinsOne business transformation team to address faculty and staff concerns," said Kevin Kobylski, HopkinsOne project manager for business transformation. "This is a way to tap Johns Hopkins' inherent expertise and provide business continuity as we make the shift to new business practices and integrated software."

The implementation team concept was developed in January. After Johns Hopkins' leadership approved the concept, sponsors and senior executives assembled teams that included project managers and team members to oversee their organizations' HopkinsOne-related communications, training, work force transition and business deployment, the process of preparing each organization to incorporate the new business processes that will support the system.

Implementation team members will communicate important information about the project, work with the HopkinsOne business transformation team to arrange training and, ultimately, work with Human Resources to determine what tasks people will do in the new system, Kobylski said.

"The people on this team have the directive to bring to bear whatever resources they need to get the job done," Kobylski said. "In the end, it's their goal to make sure that these changes are implemented and to do so without disrupting [employees'] ability to conduct current business."

The project is scheduled to "go live" in spring 2006 and conclude by 2008.

The "Who's Who" tab of the HopkinsOne Web page at contains a list of current implementation team members.


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