Johns Hopkins Gazette | April 18, 2005
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University April 18, 2005 | Vol. 34 No. 30

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in March of 2005. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

25 years of service
Kargaard, Lyn Greta, CTY

20 years of service
Brody, Linda, CTY
Smith, Kendall R., JHPIEGO Corp.

15 years of service
Barnett, Jacqueline, CTY

5 years of service
Barron, Rebecca M., CTY
Rawlins, Barbara, JHPIEGO Corp.


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Meyer, Rita, 19 years, Center for Communication Programs

30 years of service
Telljohann, Harriett, American Journal of Epidemiology

25 years of service
Lambdin, Patricia, Human Resources
Leibtag, Susan A., Center for Communication Programs
Mahachek, Judith A., Center for Communication Programs

15 years of service
Ball, Jacqueline, Custodial Services

10 years of service
Drayton, Sabrina, International Health
Garvin, Jon Paul, Information Systems
Hopson Boone, Cheryl, Epidemiology
Olsen, John M., Committee of Human Research

5 years of service
Glass, Constance, Custodial Services
Jacoby, Caroline, Center for Communication Programs
Suite-Parham, Roslyn, Center for Communication Programs
Susan, Jolie, Environmental Health Sciences


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

10 years of service
Ung, Linh A., Business Office


Health Divisions Administration

25 years of service
Locklee, Jerry, Safety/Radiation Control Office

15 years of service
Hopkins, Elise A., Health, Safety and Environment

5 years of service
Corey, Jay S., Corporate Communication
Davis, Belinda Denise, HEBCAC
Evans-Letocha, Phoebe, Medical Institution Archives


Johns Hopkins Club

40 years of service
Crawford, Cleaster, Johns Hopkins Club

5 years of service
Proctor, Kimberly G., Johns Hopkins Club
Richardson, Gilbert L., Johns Hopkins Club


Johns Hopkins Press

25 years of service
Small, Eva Sue, Hopkins Fulfillment Services

10 years of service
Reedy, Nora C., General and Administration

5 years of service
Topper, Suzanne K., Accounting


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

15 years of service
Busching, Sharon K., Physics and Astronomy

10 years of service
Kelly, Margaret E., Physics and Astronomy

5 years of service
Amussen, Brance, Mind/Brain Institute
Jones, S. Leo, CSOS
Williams, Kenyatta, CSOS


Peabody Institute

5 years of service
Schwendeman, Mary, Piano Maintenance


School of Medicine

Kareem, Zuhair A., 38 years, Pathology
Redpath, Isabella C., 10 years, Clinical Pharmacology

45 years of service
Rent, Kenneth C., Cardiovascular

30 years of service
Proctor, Edward F., III, Oncology Administration

25 years of service
Grandy Jones, Phonecia P., Pediatrics
Holzmueller, Christine G., Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

20 years of service
Collier, Mary Dolores, Pathology
Gugliotta, Pauline Anita, Pediatrics
Holtzclaw, Walter D., Jr., Molecular Pharmacology
Pietryak, B. Patricia, Orthopedic Surgery

15 years of service
Austin, Rhonda Lynne, Occupational Health
Cuda, Tina Louise, Neurology
Hahn, Patricia, Clinical Immunology
Jin, Lin, Neurology
Kindbom, Kori, BPRU
Kordek, Douglas Stephen, Radiology
Kutlik, Charles John, Maintenance
Shaffer, Barbara A., Ophthalmology
Wagner, Roseann M., Bayview-White Marsh Specialty Group

10 years of service
Buxenstein, Veronica, Physiology
Carr-Brady, Alberta S., Physicians Billing Service
Coburn, Lorena, Infectious Diseases
Davidson, Susan, Oncology
Fishel, Robin, Pulmonary
Gottlieb, Julie, Research Administration
Graustein, Gail, General Medicine
Hanst, Rebecca P., Neurology
Jackson, Gregory, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Judge, Katharine Romans, Oncology
Keesler, Laurie A., Otolaryngology Billing
Lasker, David M., Otolaryngology
Perry, Manly, Custodial Services
Redpath, Isabella Carr, Clinical Pharmacology
Thornquist, Mary H., Epidemiology Genetics
Zabelina, Yelena, Oncology

5 years of service
Allan, Sharon, Surgery
Anderson, Thomas Winlow, Chairman's Office
Bean, Sharon, Outpatient Center
Braswell, Wilhelmena, Pathology
Brinkley, Latia D., Physicians Billing Service
Coppage, Kim, Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Curry, Stephanie, Clinical Immunology
Dinavahi, Ramani, Hematology
Foster, Shirley, Custodial Services
Freitag, Carrie, Biomedical Engineering
Hoffman, Virginia, Neurology
Holehan, Marjori, Ophthalmology
Kane, Charles, Custodial Services
Kimball, Judith, Chairman's Office
Kokta, Kimberly, Pathology Billing
Lawson, Genevieve, Epidemiology Genetics
Medley, Machele, JHOC
Milles, Glenn, Ophthalmology
Pendergrass, Belinda, Dermatology Billing
Pletnikova, Olga, Pathology
Riser, Francine Helen, Surgery Billing
Rosquist, Karen, Pediatrics
Shird, Brian L., Infectious Diseases
Sims, Lauren, Radiology
Smith, Carole Lee, Ophthalmology
Thornton, Pamela, Ophthalmology
Tillery, Miriam A., Pathology
Walcott, Dawn, Rheumatology
Wen, Hongjin, Pathology
Wheeler, Sandra, Custodial Services
Wilson, Marlo, JHOC
Zhu, Richard L., General Clinical Research Centers


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

Belz, Shirley Anne, 25 years, Education Division

10 years of service
Suter, Margaret Jan, Finance and Administration

5 years of service
Haskins, Kelly Ann, Business Division


University Administration

35 years of service
Kahl, Vernon J., Plant Operations and Maintenance

20 years of service
Friend, Patricia L., Vice President and General Counsel Office
Wheatley, Thomas S., Plant Operations and Maintenance

15 years of service
Jackson, Edward A., Information Service
Scelsi, Lisa Marie, Development and Alumni Relations

10 years of service
Maus, Carol C., Development and Alumni Relations
Walker, Tammy Renae, JH Post Office

5 years of service
Alexander, David P., Facilities Management
Cavallaro, Louis, Accounting Services
McCormick, Michael, Human Resources Benefits Administration


Whiting School of Engineering

15 years of service
Donhauser, Deborah B., Mechanical Engineering

5 years of service
Abts, Leigh R., Advanced Technology Laboratory
Bauer, Jocelyn Lee, Geography and Environment Engineering
Malkiel, Edwin, Mechanical Engineering


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