Johns Hopkins Gazette | September 19, 2005
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University September 19, 2005 | Vol. 35 No. 3

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in August of 2005. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

Welsh, James J., 12 years, Security Services

5 years of service
Barish, Steven, Center for Talented Youth
Maratos, Daniel, Montgomery County Center
Nasatka, Mary, Montgomery County Center


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Hou, William Y., 22 years, Population and Family Health Services

20 years of service
German, Patricia, Research Subjects

15 years of service
Prusakowski, Nancy A., Epidemiology

10 years of service
Blake, Thomas James, Epidemiology
Burke, Diana L., Center for Communication Programs
Crotty, Erin L., Population and Family Health Sciences
Koehler, Jane M., Center for Communication Programs
Krumpe, Clara E., Epidemiology
Lawrence, Robert S., Professional Education Programs
Palmer, Rodney Lynn, Epidemiology

5 years of service
Ash, Sparkle D., Population and Family Health Sciences
Griffin, Michael V., Information Systems
Hicks, Lakeisha, Admissions Office
Marshall, Beth Renee D., Population and Family Health Sciences
McDade, David G., Center for Communication Programs
Miller, Matthew Spencer, Epidemiology
Van Hook, Jason, Information Systems
Williams Soro, Paula, International Health


Health Divisions Administration

30 years of service
Rineer, Robert, Residence Operations

25 years of service
Watkins, Barbara Anita, Welch Medical Library

20 years of service
Norris, Leaola M., Residence Operations

15 years of service
Reynolds, Richard R., Safety/Radiation Control
Trattner, James M., Safety/Radiation Control

5 years of service
Boam, Maxwell J., Corporate Communication
Dicks, W. Ellen, Technology Licensing
Owiny, James, Animal Care and Use Committee
Rock, Mary Darby, Continuing Education


Homewood Student Affairs

10 years of service
Gobble, Yvonne Johnson, Registrar's Office

5 years of service
Alberts, Adrienne, Career Counseling
Birney, John W., Undergraduate Admissions/Recruitments
Wisner, Kathleen, Athletic Center


Johns Hopkins Press

10 years of service
Smith, Michael Richard, Journals Production/Mathematics

5 years of service
Sabol, Kenneth J., Books Design and Production


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

35 years of service
Lauer, Mary Kathryn, Dean's Office

20 years of service
Goodyear, James, History of Science and Technology
Ryan, Nancy Louise, Writing Seminars

10 years of service
Breckenridge, Adriene, A&S

5 years of service
Collins, Timothy, CSOS
Lazarek, Barbara, Political Science
Lingham-Garner, Sadie, Physics and Astronomy
Smith, Paul B., CSOS


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

5 years of service
Drakulich, Bart, Administration Office

10 years of service
Lambert, Ronald T., Career Services
Talpain-Long, Isabelle, International Law and Conflict Management Programs


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

5 years of service
Brown, Stacey Jane, Undergraduate


School of Medicine

Adams-Marshall, Sandra, 16 years, Dentistry and Oral Surgery
Applegate, Carol Ann, 19 years, Ophthalmology
Borinsky, Mark, 23 years, Oncology
Fishpaw, Laura E., 12 years, Geriatrics
Flumbaum, Alice Reid, 22 years, Ophthalmology
Nestor, Rita J., 13 years, Ophthalmology
White, Regina Anne, 30 years, Oncology

25 years of service
Durkin, Nowella, Pediatrics
Frank, Terry, Cardiovascular
Lucas, Donna Pastor, Medical Genetics
Malone, Della Marlene, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Pennington, Teresa Lynn, Biophysics
Schneider, Barbara L., Oncology Administration

20 years of service
Beever, Maureen O., Gynecology-Obstetrics
Clark, Lillie, Physical Medicine and Rehab
Medley, Mary Jones, Outpatient Operation
Pillas, Diana J., Neurology
Sherrod, Clarice, Psychiatry

15 years of service
Barlow, Wendy Lynn, Surgery Billing
Catoy Joseph, Lolita, Anesthesiology Billing
Gill, Brenda Joyce, Infectious Diseases
Grega, Maura A., Surgery
Nettles Smith, Zina L., Pediatrics
Southall, Judith, Ophthalmology

10 years of service
Arbella, Trisha A., Surgery
Artis, Vanessa, Outpatient Operation
Austin, Cuthbert, Physicians Billing Service
Carter, Leslie Renee, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Cox, Rachael Paulette, Physicians Billing Service
McElwaine, Michael F., Ophthalmology
Roz, Karen L., Oncology Administration
Salama, Treza Guergues, Infectious Diseases
Wendel, Virgina Inez, Geriatrics
Wetzelberger, Lisa, Pathology

5 years of service
Allen, Jennifer, Otolaryngology
Becker, Anna May, Neonatology
Carter, Kimberly, Dermatology
Cooper, Shamayne, Surgery Billing
Couplin, Lachelle, Occupational Health
Craighead, Brandie, Affective Disorders
Davis, Thomasine Y., Gynecology-Obstetrics
Dowell, Linda J., Clinical Trials Network
Evans, Candice, Cornerstone
Fullerton, Hylton, Custodial Services
Giese, Kathleen M., Infectious Diseases
Gimburg, Olga, Medical Genetics
Greene, Megan E., Internal Medicine
Gregory, Jeremy, Oncology Administration
Guntner, Jennifer S., Psychiatry
Halcott, Joy, Facility Management
Harrington, Donise, Pulmonary
Hazel, Michelle, Pathology Billing
Jain, Alka, Geriatrics
Jefferson, Rosalind, Outpatient Operation
Loughran, Shawn M., Neurology
Macek, Mark A., Neuropsychiatry and Memory Group
Mbah, Lakaye, Ophthalmology
Murray, Stacey, Pulmonary
Musikabhumma, Aurachalee, Oncology
Pedroso, Julia J., Neuropsychiatry and Memory Group
Pigatt, Vanessa, Cardiovascular
Redding, Estelle R., Medical Genetics
Scott, Uyvonne, Urology
Suit, Sue N., Infectious Diseases
Walford, Samuel, Psychiatry
Walters, Veronica P., Human Subjects Research
White, Kathleen, Oncology Administration
White, Ora J., Geriatrics
Whoolery, Tracey, Infectious Diseases


School of Nursing

15 years of service
Rose, Melinda M., Development

10 years of service
Blockston, Patricia Ann, Undergraduate Instruction


University Administration

30 years of service
Schnydman, Jerome D., President's Office
Welk, Wilbert L., Jr., Paint Shop Maintenance

25 years of service
Colvin, Charles E., JH Federal Credit Union
Jenkins, Sandra L., Worklife Programs

20 years of service
Brown, Joyce L., Hopkins Internal Audits
Smith, Teresa Lynn, Human Resources, Benefits Administration

15 years of service
Becoat, Angela R., Information Technology
Sallee, Walter T., Security Services

10 years of service
Bonneau, Jean, Security Services
Boyle, Mary Grace, JH Federal Credit Union
Cleveland, Michael J., Plant Operations
Collier, Jane T., JH Federal Credit Union
Johnson, Valerie L., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Marvin, Chanda Regina, Human Resources

5 years of service
Baron, David Michael, Hopkins Internal Audits
Coe, Jacklyn, Faculty Staff and Retiree Program
Diprospero, Michael, Facilities Management
Dowden, Ronald W., Information Technology
Jennings, Diane, Worklife Programs
Johnston, Karin Lynn, American Institute Contemporary German Studies
O'Regan, Jacqueline M., Evergreen House
Riley, Richard, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Talbot, Barbara, Career Management Program


Whiting School of Engineering

15 years of service
Gannaway, Mary T., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency

5 years of service
Berends, Kenneth R., Jr., Information Security Institute
Deguet, Anton, Engineering Research Center


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