Johns Hopkins Gazette | August 22, 2005
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University August 22, 2005 | Vol. 34 No. 42

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in June of 2005. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

30 years of service
Padgett, Terry, JHPIEGO Corporation

25 years of service
Harden, Jeanette, MSE Library

10 years of service
Shackelford, Marcy M., Institute for Policy Studies

5 years of service
Catron, Larry, Center for Talented Youth
Dineen, Rebecca C., JHPIEGO
Magda, Beverly A., Montgomery County Center


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Harrell, Audrey, 18 years, Epidemiology Ottey, Barbara J., 23 years, Dean�s Office

25 years of service
Nowakowski, Deborah, Epidemiology
Riddick , Alfred Daniel, Facilities Maintenance
Sommer, Alfred, Dean of Bloomberg School of Public Health

20 years of service
Eggleston-Wehr, Sylvia, Development and Alumni Affairs

15 years of service
Bowers, Pamela, Epidemiology
Bundra, Deborah, Center for Communication Programs
Cook, Debbie A., Finance and Administration
Williams, Deborah V., Epidemiology

10 years of service
Brown, Annie L., Custodial Services
H a m m e r e r , Peter D., Center for Communication Programs
Moffitt, Debra, Biostatistics

5 years of service
Bahar, Saeed M., Custodial Services
Diehl, Barbara Westwood, Dean�s Office
Dunston, Nona, Health Policy and Management
Edwards, Margaret R., Center for Communication Programs
Gallico, Mary Beth, International Health
Kalu, Claudia S., Center for Communication Programs
Mettrick , Jennifer, Population and Family Health Sciences
Rodas-Eral, Luz Vanessa, Center for Communication Programs
Smith, Paul Timothy, Epidemiology
Sowers, Maria S., Epidemiology


Health Divisions Administration

30 years of service
Smith, Barbara A. Fox, Continuing Education

5 years of service
Boardley, Barbara, Welch Medical Library
Johnson, Ieisha A., Welch Medical Library
Sparks, Delois Ann, HEBCAC


Homewood Student Affairs

35 years of service
Joyner, Elva V., Hopkins Union

15 years of service
Harrington, William B., Athletic Center

5 years of service
Beatty, Eric, Dean�s Office


Johns Hopkins Press

5 years of service
Lipscombe, Trevor, Acquisitions


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

20 years of service
Brewster, David Glen, Chemistry

15 years of service
Decker, Mary A., Preprofessional Advising
Howard, Kimberly A., Biology

10 years of service
Garriott, Maria, CSOS
Philip, Marva, Humanities Center

5 years of service
Baltra, Myra, CSOS
Cox, Anita, Dean�s Office
Das, Ranendra, Anthropology


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

20 years of service
Calvano, Patricia F., International Economics

5 years of service
Christova, Gergana, IT Services


Peabody Institute

15 years of service
Carr, Darryl E., Ensembles/Conservatory


School of Medicine

Miller, Marilyn C., 42 years, Pathology
Powell, Sharon, 15 years, Neurology
Rogers, Rosemary, 21 years, Urology

35 years of service
Starklauf, Barbara L., Human Subjects Research

30 years of service
Hutchison, Judy Lynn, Pediatrics

25 years of service
White, Denise A., Pediatrics

15 years of service
Cuomo, Nancy, Surgery
Davidson, Leda Phyllis, Ophthalmology
Earnhart, Ruth W., Outpatient Operation
Harrison, Janet L., Dermatology Billing
Kerman, Jonathan, Internal Medicine
Libowitz, Steve, Dean�s Office
Puyear, Kristine K., Infectious Diseases
Sutt, Karen Ann, Ophthalmology

10 years of service

Burchfield, Raymond Paul, Geriatrics
Copersino, Michele M., Human Subjects Research
Isaacs, Sarah, Urology
Klinedinst, Donna, Physiology
Locco, Gina M., Ophthalmology
Stokes-Teagle, Shamon L., Oncology
Wondolowski, Camila T., Greenspring Station
Worsley, Raymond, Purchasing
Ziegler, Barbara, Neuroscience

5 years of service
Armstrong, April Lee, Neurology
Baird, Anita, Ophthalmology
Booker, Gladys D., Pathology Billing
Cook, Nancy E., Neurology
Diaczok, Daniel, Pediatrics
Falk, Rachel, Ophthalmology
Grant, Carolann S., JHOC
Harris, Glory Jean, Neuroscience
Jones, Donna M., Neurosurgery
Limoseth, Judith Andrea, Anesthesiology Billing
Lowensen, Kelly, Infectious Diseases
Myles, Courtney, Pulmonary
Nicolaus, Margaret, Pulmonary
Parsons, Linda, Pathology
Phipps, Charlene, Ophthalmology
Poyser, Julian D., Clinical Immunology
Reed, Terry Lee, Ophthalmology
Spivey, Rebecca, Pathology
Weaver, Catherine, Pulmonary
Weigand, Letitia, Pulmonary
Williamson, Mona, Physicians Billing
Zeren, Kimberly Lyn, Occupational Health


School of Nursing

20 years of service
Angell, Sandra S., Academic and Student Services

5 years of service
Hoey, Frank Patrick, Computer and Network Services


University Administration

Davis, John Lathrop, 12 years, Johns Hopkins Real Estate

20 years of service
Kidwell, Eugene A., Sr., Security Service
Martin, Elpidio G., Paint Shop Maintenance

15 years of service
Boan, Silvia M., Accounting Services
Brophy, Katharine Ann, HopkinsOne ERP
Greene, Dana, Housing Office
Holley, Bernadette, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Johnson, Carol D., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Lucas, Gazellia R., Data Center Services
Randall, Torin Antonio, Sr., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Schultze, Janet Gail, Development and Alumni Relations
Seldon, Janet, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Spears, Donzie, Accounting Services
Sturdivant, Willie, Plant Operations and Maintenance

10 years of service
Barksdale, Cedric B., Information Technology
Openshaw, Marvin Eugene, Plant Operations and Maintenance

5 years of service
Blackmon, Neil, Central Purchasing
Callahan, Shaquetta, Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union
Church, Denise G., Controller�s Office
Kilduff, Lawrence R., Facilities Management
Magagna, Meagan L., Design and Publications
Wienecke, Paul A., Treasurer�s Office


Whiting School of Engineering

20 years of service
Cocchiaro, James E., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency

5 years of service
S o w e r s , David, Engineering Development


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