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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University January 24, 2005 | Vol. 34 No. 19

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Tango Gala at Homewood

The Argentine tango — set against a backdrop of smoky halls and haunting music — is known to instill passion in its dancers. But for one JHU medical student, an interest in the dance has also stoked a desire to help the rural poor of Argentina. After working in that country with Doctors for Global Health, Amy Bryant returned to Baltimore and shared her concern for the need for medical attention in the impoverished outlying regions she served.

This Saturday, Jan. 29, Bryant's fellow hobbyists in Baltimore Tango, along with the JHU Office of International Student and Scholar Services, will sponsor a benefit gala in Homewood's Levering Hall to improve health care for the people of Las Lomitas in Formosa, Argentina. Beginner lessons, 8 p.m.; dance, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. $25 in advance; $30 at door; $5 off for full-time students. More info, online tickets at

Photo at right: Baltimore Tango members Elif Arbatli, a JHU graduate student in economics, and Gun Akkor, of the University of Maryland.


Tues., Jan. 25, 5:30 p.m. "Careers in Cardiology and Nephrology," a discussion with doctors Roy Ziegelstein and Derek Fine about their research, clinical and academic careers. West Lecture Hall, PCTB. EB

Thurs., Jan. 27, 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. "Big Pharma Perspective on Bio Partnering," a breakfast meeting with speakers from Indevus Pharmaceuticals, Genzyme, Johnson and Johnson and Harvard University, for those interested in partnering with a pharmaceutical company. Co-sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and the Technology Council of Maryland's BioAlliance. $20 for TCM members and guests; $50 for non-members. Reservations recommended; additional $10 charged for walk-in registration. 240-453-6200 or

Wed., Jan. 27, noon. "Happy New Year! Happy New Career?" a JHU Women's Network discussion with career counselor Rita Smith; 2140 JHOC. EB


Grand Rounds

Wed., Jan. 26, 4 p.m. "Franchising Reproductive Health Services: What Can the Private Health Sector in Three Developing Countries Contribute?" Preventive Medicine grand rounds with Amy Tsui. Sponsored by the Dean's Office. W1020 SPH. EB



Mon., Jan. 24, noon. "NCCAM's Strategic Plan for the Next Five Years," a Complementary and Alternative Medicine lecture by Margaret Chesney, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Weinberg Bldg. Auditorium. EB

Mon., Jan. 24, 5 p.m. "The Future of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS): Where Have We Come and Where Are We Going?" an Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery lecture by David Kennedy, University of Pennsylvania Health System; 6150 JHOC. EB

Tues., Jan. 25, 4 p.m. The Leslie Hellerman Lecture — "How Ubiquitin Chains Are Made and Unmade" by Irwin Rose, University of California, Irvine. Sponsored by Biological Chemistry. WBSB Auditorium (ground floor). EB

Thurs., Jan. 27, 4 p.m. "What Animals Want: Expert Knowledge and Laboratory Animal Welfare," a Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing lecture by Larry Carbone, University of California, San Francisco. Part of the Enhancing Humane Science lecture series. W1030 SPH. EB

Fri., Jan. 28, 5 p.m. The 13th Mohammed Aziz Memorial Lecture — "Will the Last Case of Trachoma Please Stand Up?" by Tom Lietman, Proctor Foundation/University of California, San Francisco. Reception follows in the Portrait Room. Sponsored by the Wilmer Eye Institute. 107 Wilmer (Arnall Patz Lecture Hall). EB



Sat., Jan. 29, 8 p.m. Peabody Symphony Orchestra performs music by Schoenberg, Mahler and Beethoven. $18, $10 for senior citizens and $8 for students with ID. Friedberg Hall. Peabody


Open House

Thurs., Jan. 27, 4:30 to 6 p.m. Information session for the master of arts in teaching and master of arts in special education two-year graduate programs; intended for adults interested in a second career. 301-294-7102. Montgomery County Campus.


Orientation Sessions

Mon., Jan. 24, 5 to 6 p.m. Biotechnology New Student Orientation, for spring 2005. Sponsored by Advanced Academic Programs. For more information, go to

Conference Room, Suite G1, Wyman Park Bldg. HW
Room 207, Central Bldg, Montgomery County Campus.



Mon., Jan. 24, 12:15 p.m. "Holoprosencephaly as a Model to Study Normal and Abnormal Brain Development in Humans," a Carnegie Institution of Washington Embryology seminar with Maximillian Muenke, NIH; Seminar Room, 115 W. University Pkwy. HW

Mon., Jan. 24, 2 p.m. "A Nested Case-Control Study of Polymorphisms in Genes Involved in Inflammatory Response and Gastric Cancer," an Epidemiology thesis defense seminar with Farin Kamanger; W2030 SPH. EB

Mon., Jan. 24, 4 p.m. "New Insights Into the Signaling Pathways Activated by the Lutropin Receptor in Leydig Cells," a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology seminar with Mario Ascoli, University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine. Sponsored by Krieger Mind/Brain Institute. W2030 SPH. EB

Tues., Jan. 25, noon. "New Drugs for TB: Are We on the Verge of a Revolution?" a Center for TB Research seminar with Eric Nuermberger; W1030 SPH. EB

Wed., Jan. 26, noon. "The Effects of Self-Management and Home Help on Medicare Beneficiaries' Use of Hospitals: Geriatric Health Services Research Conference," with Alicia Arbaje. Sponsored by the Lipitz Center for Integrated Health Care. 250 Hampton House. EB

Thurs., Jan. 27, noon. "Phenotyping Nature vs. Nurture (Background Genetics vs. Environmental Factors)" an Animal Care and Use Committee seminar with Cory Brayton; 403 Ross. EB

Thurs., Jan. 27, noon. "The Pathway for Terminal Differentiation of Epithelia," a Cell Biology seminar with Qais Al-Awqati, Columbia University; Suite 2-200, 1830 Bldg. EB

Thurs., Jan. 27, 1 p.m. "Analyzing the Neurobiology of Glaucoma in an Inherited Mouse Model," a Neuroscience research seminar with Simon John, The Jackson Laboratory, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; West Lecture Hall (ground floor), WBSB. EB

Thurs., Jan. 27, 3:30 p.m. "Multiple Mechanisms to Repair a Broken Chromosome," a Molecular Biology and Genetics seminar with James Haber, Brandeis University; 517 PCTB. EB

Thurs., Jan. 27, 4 p.m. "Anthrax Toxin," a Biology seminar with R. John Collier; 100 Mudd. HW

Fri., Jan. 28, 10 a.m. "Unmet Need for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services," a Mental Health thesis defense seminar with Frances Latimer Seiler; 845 Hampton House. EB

Fri., Jan. 28, 12:15 p.m. "What Can Be Learned by Measuring Presenteeism," a Center for Injury Research and Policy seminar with Debra Lerner, Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston; Hampton House Auditorium. EB

Fri., Jan. 28, 4 p.m. "Drosophila Models of Down's Syndrome," a Frontiers of Neuroscience seminar with Kyung-Tai Min, NINDS and NIH. 100 Mudd. HW

Mon., Jan. 31, 12:15 p.m. "Nuclear Cloning, Stem Cells and Reprogramming of the Genome," a Carnegie Institution of Washington Embryology seminar with Rudolf Jaenisch, Whitehead Institute; Seminar Room, 115 W. University Pkwy. HW

Mon., Jan. 31, 1 p.m. "Complex Distributions, Hmmm ... Hierarchical Mixtures of Marginalized Multilevel Models," a Biostatistics thesis defense seminar with Michael Griswold; E9519 SPH. EB

Mon., Jan. 31, 4 p.m. "``L^p Estimates for Wave Equations with Coefficients of Sobolev Regularity," an Analysis seminar with Matt Blair, University of Washington, Seattle; 308 Krieger. HW

Mon., Jan. 31, 4:30 p.m. "Twisted K-theory and Twisted Spin-c Bordism," an Algebraic Topology seminar with Chris Douglas, MIT; 302 Krieger. HW


Special Events

Thurs., Jan. 27, 3 to 7 p.m. The "What Is Engineering?" Fair, an interactive event providing an opportunity for high school and early college students to learn about careers in engineering and bioscience; participants can see exhibits showing engineering and scientific systems at work and speak with local scientists and engineers. For information, 301-294-7070 or go to Montgomery County Campus.

Sat., Jan. 29, 8 p.m. Argentine Tango Dance, to benefit health care in Argentina. (See article, "Tango gala at Homewood," above.) Levering Union. HW



Wed., Jan. 26, 7 p.m. Men's Basketball, vs. Franklin and Marshall; Athletic Center. HW

Sat., Jan. 29, 10 a.m. Men's and Women's Swimming, vs. Washington & Lee; Athletic Center. HW

Sat., Jan. 29, 10 a.m. MACFA Home Meet — Women's Fencing; Athletic Center. HW

Sat., Jan. 29, 2 p.m. Women's Basketball, vs. Muhlenberg; Athletic Center. HW

Sat., Jan. 29, 4 p.m. Men's Basketball, vs. Muhlenberg; Athletic Center. HW



Wed., Jan. 26, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. "Quantitating Complexity — Engineering a New Biology," the second annual Homewood Biology Symposium, with introduction by Michael Edidin and presenters Andre Levchenko, Denis Wirtz, Kalina Hristova, Justin Hanes and Jennifer Elisseeff. Sponsored by Biology. 410-516-7330. Mudd Auditorium. HW

Fri., Jan. 28, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. "Toward the Third New Biology," a celebration of interdisciplinary research, with opening remarks by Dean Edward Miller; featuring speakers David Baltimore, CalTech; Stuart Schreiber, Harvard University; John Kuriyan, UC Berkeley; Cornelia Bargmann, the Rockefeller University; Mary-Claire King, University of Washington; and Sydney Brenner, Molecular Sciences Institute. Reception will follow. Sponsored by the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences, the Institute for Cell Engineering and SOM. WBSB Auditorium. EB



WebCT Training with Pamela Stefanuca; intended for instructors new to WebCT. Sponsored by the Center for Educational Resources. To register, go to 1 Shaffer. HW

Mon., Jan. 24, 1 to 4 p.m. "Content and Communication Tools."

Wed., Jan. 26, 1 to 4 p.m. "Administration and Assessment."

Digital Media Center workshops; 226 Mattin Center. HW

Mon., Jan. 24, 5 p.m. "Audio Software in the DMC," with Joe Reinsel.
Tues., Jan. 25, 3 p.m. "Video Editing: How to Edit Your Footage," with Jon Berke.

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