Johns Hopkins Gazette | June 27, 2005
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University June 27, 2005 | Vol. 34 No. 38

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in May of 2005. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

Rosenfeld, Edward L., 21 years, Milton S. Eisenhower Library

10 years of service
MacKenzie, Susan E., JHPIEGO Corporation

5 years of service
Reynolds, Ian J., Center for Talented Youth
Robertson, Nathan D., Milton S. Eisenhower Library


Bloomberg School of Public Health

15 years of service
Hess, Ronald W., Center for Communication Programs

10 years of service
Winkler, Gregory, Financial Aid

5 years of service
Barton, Normalie, Health Policy and Management
Benally, Brenda B., Center for American Indian and Alaskan Native Health
Brooks, Khalil A., Custodial Services
Cobb, Elizabeth C., Center for Communication Programs
Garrett, Marisa L., Epidemiology
Howard, Carol J., Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
Johnson, Andre D., Custodial Services
Marsh, Margaret M., International Health
Spoonire, Kitty M., Epidemiology
Sullivan, Kimberly Ann, Health Policy and Management


Health Divisions Administration

Barber, Gloria J., 36 years, Laboratory Animal Medicine

5 years of service
Eff, Candace B., Laboratory Animal Medicine
Jones, Alton, Laboratory Animal Medicine


Homewood Student Affairs

Johnson, Mary Neff, 11 years, Student Health and Wellness Center

30 years of service
Bishop, Harriett E., Homewood Student Accounts


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Ford, Edna L., 20 years, History of Science and Technology

15 years of service
Hersperger, Grafton, Biology

5 years of service
Nelson, Kathy, CSOS


Peabody Institute

5 years of service
O'Neall, Patrick, Development Office


School of Medicine

Edwards, Kay, 23 years, Dean's Office
Follin, Diana Lee, 18 years, Surgery

35 years of service
Ryan, Linda J., Psychiatry

25 years of service
Dibartolomeo, Wanda, Neurology
Stewart, Constance, Oncology

20 years of service
Fuller, Dorothea, BPRU
Gostomski, Deborah, Oncology
James, Susan A., Behavioral Biology
Pitt, Judith Marlene, Oncology
Swiec, Elly Mae, Surgery Billing
Wagner, Deborah Yvette, Orthopedic Surgery
Young, Cecilia Beth, Neurology

15 years of service
Castelo, Lina Marie, Clinical Practice Associates
Garner, Vevelyn J., Anesthesiology Billing
Manning, Tonya, Genetic Core
Pasquariello, Mary Angela, Surgery
Ray, Tanya Y., Genetic Core
Robinson, Regina C., Oncology Billing
Seaman, Phillip J., Pediatrics
Tyler, Vivian B., Internal Medicine

10 years of service
Anderson, Joan, Otolaryngology Billing
Bukowski, Kathleen M., Pulmonary
Demarest, Chad, Urology
Logan, Gary J., Pediatrics
McMullen, Patrice, Oncology
Meadowcroft, Kimberly, Oncology Administration
Meltzer, Anne Susan, Ophthalmology
Myers, Shirley A., Pathology Billing
Oliver, Jann, Physicians Billing Services
Schneider, Ronald C., Pulmonary
Torbit, Marlisa, Custodial Services

5 years of service
Addison, Cynthia J., School of Medicine Human Resources
Bailey, Lana, Orthopedic Surgery
Boswell, Donald M., School of Medicine Human Resources
Damron, Dorothy, Oncology
Deshields, Linda B., Institute of Genetic Medicine
Elkins, Wendy, Radiology
Gibson-Davis, Althea V., Dermatology
Gietka, Heather M., Chairman's Office
Hawkins, Charles, Custodial Services
Hinkleman, Lisa A., Oncology
Killmond, Thomas, Oncology
McCabe, Ann, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
McCullough, Joanne, Basic Sciences Institute
Montgomery, Clara, Custodial Services
Pilling, Arlene A., Cardiovascular
Schultz, Kathleen, Gastroenterology
Sklar, Michael D., BPRU
Smith, Mark, Orthopedic Surgery
Spencer, Michelle, Gynecology-Obstetrics
Taylor, Darryl, Center for Inherited Disease Research


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

Petruccy, Deborah L., 31 years, Education Division

10 years of service
Fallon, Margaret A., Business Division
McClure, Karen Ann, Business Division
Williams, Harry M., Finance and Administration


University Administration

20 years of service
Draper, Leon A., Security Services

15 years of service
Bates, Alice Jeanette, JH Federal Credit Union
Dengler, Gerald L., Security Services
Jackson, Sharon I., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Johnson, Arnetta L., Information Technology

10 years of service
Davenport, Hallet E., Security Services
Decker, Leslie A., Information Technology
Heninger, Polly, Development and Alumni Relations
O'Shea, Elizabeth R., Development and Alumni Relations

5 years of service
Bearman, Philip, Information Technology
Drake, Esther, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Lacey, Darren L., Information Technology
McGill, Linda, Treasurer's Office
Williams, Heather M., Organization, Development and Diversity


Whiting School of Engineering

10 years of service
Huffman, Randy K., Information Security Institute
Ritchie, Keith D., Geography and Environment Engineering


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