Johns Hopkins Gazette | May 15, 2006
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University May 15, 2006 | Vol. 35 No. 34

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in April of 2006. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

15 years of service
Mickenberg, Karen E., Center for Talented Youth

10 years of service
Dear, Amy M., JHPIEGO Corp.

5 years of service
Birch, Kristi, Center for Talented Youth
Corsey, Karen A., Center for Talented Youth
Ha, Soohun Sam, Montgomery County Center, IT
Prince, Matthew K., MSE Library
White, Kristin, JHPIEGO Corp.


Health Divisions Administration

25 years of service
Wilcox, Patricia Ann, Laboratory Animal Medicine

20 years of service
Clayborn, Sadie, Laboratory Animal Medicine

15 years of service
Granlund, Carl L., Radiation Control

10 years of service
Harrison, Andrew Joseph, Medical Institution Archives
Stephenson, Gary, Corporate Communications

5 years of service
Baldwin, Bruce, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Mitchell, Lois, HEBCAC
Stone, Anita M., Health, Safety and Environment Administration


Homewood Student Affairs

10 years of service
Phelan, Dale P., Undergraduate Admissions

5 years of service
Giuffre, John, Athletic Center


Johns Hopkins Press

5 years of service
Kluge, Kristin, Journals Production


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

20 years of service
Klautky, Daphne, Anthropology

15 years of service
Flint, Barbara Ann, Academic Advising
Young, Carol, Language Teaching Center

10 years of service
Enders, Lisa Bell, History

5 years of service
Behari, Satyajit, Physics and Astronomy
Harley-Mason, Zena R., Advanced Academic Programs
Kotti, William P., Development
Rouse, Velma Rena, Earth and Planetary Sciences


School of Medicine

Bowles, Jerome, 42 years, Custodial Services
Butler, Jean, 16 years, Clinical Immunology
Phillips, Christine Alicia, 15 years, Medicine, Pulmonary

25 years of service
Cosser, Karen E, Anesthesiology
McNally, Peggy, Alcoholism Services

20 years of service
Rosenthal, Donna, Pediatrics

15 years of service
Collins, Andrea, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Feeley, Nancy, Medicine, Renal
Hayden, Susan E., Medicine, Cardiovascular
Johnson, Iona K., Behavioral Pharmacology
Kern, Linda T., Medicine, Cardiology
Lambert, Debra, Office of the Dean
Plowman, Alison E., Pediatrics, Nephrology
Seidl, Jacqueline Ann, Basic Sciences Institute

10 years of service
Alston, Beverly, Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Andryszak, Margie L., Neuroscience
Brass-Ernst, Lois A., Pediatrics, Pulmonary
Hall, Tannya, Pediatrics, Hematology
Priet, Regina E., Oncology, Urologic Oncology
Sewell, Tonya Roxanne, Medicine, Internal Medicine
Simmons, Christine J., Radiology, General
Tracey, Patricia A., Ophthalmology
Vidensky, Svetlana, Neurology

5 years of service
Becker, Robyn E., Drug Development
Brazil, Debra P., Pathology Billing
Bridges, Tanya, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Brown, Christine J., Medicine, Cardiovascular
Bryant, Mae Linda, Medicine, Billing
Carr, Peggy A., Physicians Billing
Chester, Raymond, Custodial Services
Cooney, Christina R., Pathology
Cooper, Lisa C., Pathology
Cooper, Reed B., Pediatrics, Neonatology
Evans, Sara, Medicine, Cardiovascular
Friedman, Brian, Ophthalmology
Gao, Qian, Biomedical Engineering
Glass-Macenka, Deanna, Neurosurgery
Graul, Janis, Ophthalmology
Grider, Harold Dee, Facilities Maintenance
Hahn, Melinda M., Radiology, General
Hall, Daniel, Ophthalmology
Hogan, Mary Theresa, Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Johnson, Benzella, Physicians Billing
Kaup, Michele L., Oncology, Hematologic Malignancies
Kolmer, Patricia, Urology
Kornke, Stacey Marie, Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Lane, Andrea Michelle, Behavioral Pharmacology
McDonald, Kerri, Medicine, Clinics
Merriman, Barry, Medicine, Pulmonary
Miranda, Brenda, Oncology, Administration
Mori, Nanako, Clinical Immunology
Nelson, Phyllis, Oncology, Radiological Sciences
Pearce, Donna, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases
Poet, Jody, Interdepartmental
Pretl, Katherine A., Medicine, Medical Genetics
Reynolds, Jeffrey, Medicine, Pulmonary
Rock, Valerie, Facilities Management
Smith, Bernadine, Physicians Billing Service
Trusty, Dante C., Pathology
Weisman, Monique, Pediatrics, Duggan Division
Xu, Hai, Oncology, Cancer Biology
Yang, Liancheng, Ophthalmology
Zakowsky, Andrea, Ophthalmology


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

10 years of service
Dixon, Darlene, Business


School of Public Health

30 years of service
Ewing, Barbara A., International Health

25 years of service
Bourgeois, John G., Finance and Administration

20 years of service
Chan, Edward, International Health

15 years of service
Edmonds, Vera D., Epidemiology
Wescott, Brenda J., Registrar

10 years of service
Bloom, Arlene, International Health, Center for Immunization Research
Bouie, Julia, Center for Communication Programs
Falls, Tanya S., International Health
Giovannetti, Arthur Lee, Information Systems
Palmer, Janet Marie, Support Services
Paredes, Romeo E., International Health, Center for Immunization Research
Scott, Patricia E., Admissions
Shields, Timothy M., Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Spell, Cynthia G., Center for Communication Programs

5 years of service
Carroll, Rhonda S., Epidemiology
Deng, Xin, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Hadji, Akila, Epidemiology
Li, Xiuhong, Epidemiology
Moore, Ebony A., Epidemiology
Pridgen, Donell, Custodial Services
Shats, Irina, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Zhang, Xiaojie, Population and Family Health Sciences


The Johns Hopkins Club

10 years of service
Baker, S. Thomas, The Johns Hopkins Club


University Administration

10 years of service
Cornely, Donald A., Jr., HopkinsOne
Dawson, Jennifer Ann, Facilities Management
Makowy, Kimberley A., HopkinsOne
Stewart, Dennis, Plant Operations and Maintenance

5 years of service
Gillian, Lonnie R., Office of the Provost
Nicol, Kelly Jaclyn, Development Research
Schwartz, Margaret, IT@Johns Hopkins, Student Information Service
Young, Jeanne, HopkinsOne


Whiting School of Engineering

25 years of service
Williams, Rosemary, Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals

5 years of service
Devries, Jenny, Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals


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