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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University May 15, 2006 | Vol. 35 No. 34

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"Wine and Conversation at Homewood"

Homewood House Museum will strike the perfect balance between libations and learning at its 10th annual Evening of Traditional Beverages, this year subtitled Wine and Conversation with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

The event, which begins at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 19, will be held on the lawn of Homewood House (rain location: Glass Pavilion) on the Homewood campus.

Andy Bienstock, WYPR-FM's program director, jazz guru and host of The Signal, will serve as master of ceremonies for the evening, which combines sophisticated historical content with a cocktail party.

Wine historian James M. Gabler, award-winning author of Passions: The Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson and inaugural event speaker in 1996, will recount tales from his most recent book, An Evening with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson: Dinner, Wine and Conversation, in which the narrator is transported back to 18th-century Paris to enjoy a leisurely dinner with the two founding fathers, both of whom were residing in that city at the time.

Franklin and Jefferson were men of cultured tastes and connoisseurs of fine wine. As a Virginia farmer, Jefferson had the notion that America should become a country of wine drinkers, writing, "We could, in the United States, make as great a variety of wines as are made in Europe, not exactly of the same kinds, but doubtless as good." He learned everything he could about the process to accomplish that goal, touring the wine-producing areas of Germany, Italy and France and buying vines to be sent back and planted at his plantation, Monticello, marking the beginning of the commercial wine industry in the colonies.

At the event at Homewood House, Gabler will focus on the historical context of wine through an imagined conversation between Jefferson and Franklin, based on their own words. He will explore issues of both their time and ours, including the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which he compares to Jefferson's experience while president in dealing with the Barbary pirate states, a constant threat to early American shipping. Gabler also will discuss whether Jefferson actually owned a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite — engraved with the initials "Th. J." and sold at auction by Christie's for $156,450 (the world's most expensive bottle of wine) — which was rumored to be his.

Hors d'oeuvres and wines will be served, and Gabler will lead guests in a comparative tasting of Chardonnays from Virginia and France. He also will be available to sign his new book.

Admission is $20 for Homewood members and $25 for nonmembers. Due to the popularity of the event, reservations are required; call 410-516-5589.



Fri., May 19, 2 p.m. "Faces of the Tsunami," an APL colloquium with William McDaniel, USN (retired); Parsons Auditorium. APL



Mon., May 15, 8:15 a.m. The William M. Shelley Memorial Lecture — "The Thyroid Nodule 2006: Diagnosis and Management Update" by Sylvia Asa, University of Toronto. Sponsored by SoM. Hurd Hall. EB

Mon., May 15, 4:30 p.m. The Inaugural George G. Graham Professorship Lecture — "Food Fortification to Improve Young Children's Nutrition in Low-Income Countries: Hope or Hype" by Kenneth Brown, University of California, Davis. Sponsored by the Center for Human Nutrition; W1214 SPH (Sheldon Hall). EB

Tues., May 16, 6:30 p.m. "Wigs, Creams and Eyepaint: Beauty Secrets of the Ancient Egyptians," an illustrated lecture by Rita Freed, Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Sponsored by SAIS and the American Research Center in Egypt, Washington D.C. chapter. The Egyptian Embassy, 3521 International Court NW, Washington D.C.

Mon., May 22, 4 p.m. The Carlson Lecture — "Quantitative Analysis of Actin Filament Dynamics During Cellular Motility and Cytokinesis" by Tom Pollard, Yale University. Sponsored by Biophysics. Mudd Auditorium. HW



Wed., May 17, noon. The Art of Healing Concert Series presents the Transatlantic Guitar Duo. Sponsored by the Kimmel Cancer Center. Ceremonial lobby, Weinberg Bldg. EB

Sun., May 21, 4 p.m. Hopkins Symphony Orchestra performs with the Chancel Choir. Grace United Methodist Church, 5407 N. Charles St. Off campus


Open House

Fri., May 19, 8 p.m. Friday Open House at the Maryland Space Grant Observatory; weather permitting. For weekly status, call 410-516-6525 or go to Bloomberg Center. HW



Mon., May 15, noon. "Microscopic Imaging in Support of Biomedical Research — Working Beyond Fig. 1," a Cell Biology seminar with Scott Henderson, Virginia Commonwealth University. Co-sponsored by the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences. Suite 2-200, 1830 Bldg. EB

Mon., May 15, 12:15 p.m. "Using Medicare Data as a Tool to Evaluate Epidemiologic Questions: Adverse Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness as Examples," an Ophthalmology seminar with Emily West, SoM; W4030 SPH. EB

Mon., May 15, 12:15 p.m. "Vertebrate Limb Patterning and Innervation," a Carnegie Institution Embryology seminar with Ed Laufer, Columbia University; 3520 San Martin Drive. HW

Mon., May 15, 12:15 p.m. "Creating Conditions for Learning and Growth in Urban Public Schools," a Population and Family Health Sciences seminar with David Osher, American Institutes for Research; W2030 SPH. EB

Mon., May 15, 12:30 p.m. "Urban Planning of Pathways to and from Transit Stops," with Karin Berg, Goteborg, Sweden; and "Urban Regeneration: Mixed Income Communities: An International Perspective" with Silvia Gullino, Torino, Italy, an Institute for Policy Studies International Urban Fellows Program seminar. 526 Wyman Bldg. HW

Mon., May 15, 4 p.m. "ATM and Cellular Radiation Response: A Molecular Rationale for Targeted Therapies," a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology seminar with Theodore DeWeese, SoM; W2030 SPH. EB

Tues., May 16, 9 a.m. "Exploratory Inference," a Biostatistics thesis defense seminar with Kathryn Ziegler; W2030 SPH. EB

Tues., May 16, noon. "Exploring Mentholated Tobacco Use in Urban African Americans: A Study in Progress," a Health, Behavior and Society seminar with Simona Kwon, SPH. Co-sponsored by the Urban Health Institute. B14B Hampton House. EB

Tues., May 16, noon. "TRP Channels and STIM Proteins: New Insights Into the Generation of Calcium Entry Signals," a Biological Chemistry seminar with Donald Gill, University of Maryland School of Medicine; 612 Physiology. EB

Tues., May 16, 12:15 p.m. "Establishment of Sister Chromatid Cohesion During DNA Replication," a Carnegie Institution Embryology seminar with Frank Uhlmann, Imperial Cancer Research Fund; 3520 San Martin Drive. HW

Wed., May 17, 12:15 p.m. "Disorganized and Distractible: Executive Function and Disability in Parkinson's Disease," a Mental Health seminar with J.R. Williams; B14B Hampton House. EB

Wed., May 17, 12:15 p.m. "Ethics and International Research," an Office for Research Subjects seminar with Ruth Faden, SPH; W3008 SPH. EB

Wed., May 17, 12:15 p.m. "On the Means and Ends of Health Promotion: An Ethical Analysis of Public Health Interventions Targeting Behavior Change," a Berman Bioethics Institute brown bag lunch seminar with David Buchanan, University of Massachusetts School of Public Health. Co-sponsored by Health, Behavior and Society. 208 Hampton House. EB

Thurs., May 18, 9 a.m. "Prenatal Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Etheres: Predictors of Exposure and Relation to Thyroid Hormone Levels," an Epidemiology thesis defense seminar Julie Herbstman; W2030 SPH. EB

Thurs., May 18, noon. "Synaptic Signaling by NF-KappaB," a Cell Biology seminar with Mollie Meffert, SoM; Suite 2-200, 1830 Bldg. EB

Thurs., May 18, 12:15 p.m. "Doing the Balancing Act: Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life," a Center for Communication Programs seminar with Kathy Wolfe, SPH; Suite 310 (International Room), Candler Bldg., 111 Market Place.

Thurs., May 18, 1 p.m. "From Synapse to Nucleus and Back Again: Mechanisms of Activity-Dependent Adaptive Gene Expression," a Neuroscience research seminar with Steve Finkbeiner, University of California, San Francisco; West Lecture Hall (ground floor), WBSB. EB

Fri., May 19, 12:15 p.m. "Searching for Human Obesity Genes by Linkage and Admixture Mapping," an Epidemiology seminar with Ching-Yu Cheng; W4030 SPH. EB


Special Events

Mon., May 15, 4 p.m. Opening celebration for the Institute for NanoBioTechnology, with remarks by Nicholas Jones, dean of the Whiting School; Edward Miller, dean of the medical faculty; Aristides Melissaratos, Maryland Dept. of Economic Development and JHU alum; and Peter Searson, director of INBT; followed by panel discussions. Reception to follow. Hodson Hall. HW

Fri., May 19, 6 to 8 p.m. "Wine and Conversation with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson," Homewood House's annual Evening of Traditional Beverages, featuring author James Gabler who will lead a sampling of French and Virginia wine; followed by an hors d'oeuvre reception on the lawn of Homewood House. (See article, above.) $20 for members, $25 for nonmembers. Reservations required; 410-516-5589. Rain location: Glass Pavilion, Levering. HW



Sat., May 20, and Sun., May 21, 6 p.m. Theatre Hopkins presents Shakespeare 'Improved,' a light-hearted look at selections from Shakespeare's plays revised to suit the tastes of 19th-century audiences; performed on the Homewood House lawn. (See "In Brief," in this issue.). HW



Tues., May 16, noon. "Bike to Work," a bicycle commuting workshop, in preparation for Baltimore's annual Bike to Work Day. (See "In Brief," in this issue.) Sponsored by the Parking and Transportation, Athletics and Recreation, the JHU Sustainability Initiative and One Less Car. O'Connor Recreation Center. HW

Fri., May 19, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. "Writing a Biomedical Research Paper," a Professional Development Office workshop with Wendy Sanders; learn to assist faculty with writing a publishable research paper. Suite 2-200, 1830 Bldg. EB

Fri., May 19, 1:15 p.m. "Using Powerpoint for Your Presentation," a Welch Medical Library workshop on creating professional presentations; Weinberg Auditorium. EB

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