Johns Hopkins Gazette | July 24, 2006
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University July 24, 2006 | Vol. 35 No. 40

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in June of 2006. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

Overstreet, Edith, 41 years, MSE Library, Photocopy Services

20 years of service
Hoffer, David L., CTY

10 years of service
Keifer, David L., MSE Library, Libraries Service Center, Laurel, Maryland

5 years of service
Gomez, Patricia, JHPIEGO Corporation
Howerter, Stacey, JHPIEGO Corporation
Ruparelia, Chandrakant S., JHPIEGO Corporation
Zygmont, Paul, Montgomery County Center


Health Divisions Administration

30 years of service
Swift, Nellie J., Student and House Staff Services

25 years of service
McLaughlin, Diane K., Welch Medical Library

20 years of service
Powell, Joseph Richard, Laboratory Animal Medicine

15 years of service
Paver, Judith Dain, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine, Alumni Affairs


Homewood Student Affairs

20 years of service
Bowling, Gustave W., Housing Office

5 years of service
McLean, Gail B., Student Health Clinic


Johns Hopkins University Press

25 years of service
Galambos, Margaret A., Books Marketing

20 years of service
Bishop, William F., Hopkins Fulfillment Services

5 years of service
Burt, Maurice, Physical Plant Office


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

Kimmel, Lawrence J., 13 years, Educational Division

15 years of service
Reiss, Timothy C., Finance and Administration

10 years of service
Howard, Susan J., Undergraduate
Robinson, Kenneth, Finance and Administration


School of Arts and Sciences

20 years of service
Cunningham, Arlene, Advanced Academic Programs

15 years of service
Olson, Linda S., Sociology

10 years of service
Waddell, Melissa L., Center for Social Organization of Schools

5 years of service
Sindt, Kathleen, Academic Advising


Whiting School of Engineering

5 years of service
Dodds, Rosemary R., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
Hosakere, Malini, Center for Imaging Science


School of Medicine

Lucskay, Margit, 39 years, Oncology, Viral Oncology 45 years of service
Buchanan, Julia, Radiology

35 years of service
Dixon, Susan M., Pediatrics, Hematology

30 years of service
Kays, David Lee, Ophthalmology

25 years of service
Lichtenberg, Dawn, Surgery, Plastic Surgery

20 years of service
Amberger, Joanna Strayer, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Nemec, Donna, Oncology, Clinical Interface
Thornton, Patricia Joanne, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

15 years of service
Boone, Michael Leon, Clinical Practice Associates
Goodman, Carole R., Department
Linton, Monique A., Medicine, Billing Office

10 years of service
Fogle, Rhonda R., Clinical Practice Associates, Medical Services Plan
Gair, Debra L., Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Humphreys, Michael E., Custodial Services
Huo, Yuqing, Psychiatric Genetics
Krueger, Page K., Dermatology
Reynolds, Sandra M., Neurology
Sorrentino, Therese, Pediatrics, General

5 years of service
Allen, Amy, Oncology, Immunology/Hematopoiesis
Avery, Theodora L., Dermatology
Bach|Burdsall, Lisa, Medicine, Gastroenterology
Caruso, Angela, Oncology, Urologic Oncology
Causion, Esther, Genetic Core
Craig, Brian, Center for Inherited Disease Research
Creighton, Jason A., Neurology
Crowne, Sarah Kathleen, Pediatrics, Duggan Division
Davis, Denise, Surgery, General
Egami, Kiyoshi, Neurology
Gray, Nichelle, Pathology
Green, Timothy W., Clinical Immunology
Grunwald, Martina, Neurology
Heck, Elizabeth, Medicine, Cardiovascular
Holt, Lasharon, Office of Human Subjects Research
Hurt, Lynnia, Outpatient Center
Lamartina, Sandra, Outpatient Center
Leadroot, Jennifer, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Marshall, Tramaine, Radiology, General
Mayer, Roberts S., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Mohammadi, Seyed, Medicine, Cardiovascular
Murphy, Kathleen Ann, Medicine, Pulmonary
Onners, Beth, Oncology, Hematologic Malignancies
Proudfoot, Stephanie, Bayview, Geriatrics
Redmond, Jacquelene, Neurology
Ricks, Michelle, Bayview, Geriatrics
Shah, Syed M., Ophthalmology
Tucker, Laura, Ophthalmology
Walsh, Ruth, Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Yeager, Stephanie, Psychiatry, Neuroimaging
Zhen, Lijie, Pathology


School of Nursing

5 years of service
Wells, Deborah Ann, Office of Development


School of Public Health

Davis, Lenora, 33 years, Student Affairs

20 years of service
Chiarito, Zoila Pilar, Center for Communication Programs

15 years of service
D'Adamo, Margaret A., Center for Communication Programs
Hansen,Jr, Herbert R., Finance and Administration
Shaw, Richard N., Custodial Services Office

10 years of service
Ethelbah, Becky, International Health, Human Nutrition
Hummell, Frances, Finance and Administration
Klaas, Brian D., Distance Education Program
Lee, Nora L., Epidemiology

5 years of service
Chalk, Guy, Center for Communication Programs
Devine, Kevin E., Center for Communication Programs
Huang, Yan, Epidemiology
Oldenquist, John, International Health, Disease Control
Orengo, Alejandr, Center for Communication Programs
Stroud, Lawrence, Information Systems
Wanionek, Kimberli A., International Health, Center for Immunization Research


University Administration

30 years of service
Morgan, Julia Boublitz, Office of the President

25 years of service
Caserta, Richard J., IT@Johns Hopkins Roach, Iran L., Plant Operations

20 years of service
Roberts, Janis Elaine, Office of the Provost
Walker, Mary F., IT@Johns Hopkins

15 years of service
Carter, Mark C., Security Services Office
Conklin, Daniel, Housing Office
Schleicher, Timothy N., HopkinsOne

10 years of service
Crough, Maria Belinda, Human Resources, Compensation and Salary Administration
Fell, James W., Security Services Office

5 years of service
Brown, Michael D., Accounting Services, Financial Systems Administration
Emery, Timothy P., IT@Johns Hopkins
Evans, Dawn M., Accounting Services
Fox, Claude Earl, Urban Health Institute
Fusting, Judith, Alumni Relations
Johnson, Linnea, Training and Education Center
Jorgensen, Sally, HopkinsOne
Pogach, Jamie, IT@Johns Hopkins
Sauer, Todd B., Development Research


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