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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University April 2, 2007 | Vol. 36 No. 28
Decisions, Decisions

More than 30 students and staff worked overtime on Tuesday to stuff envelopes and mail responses to the record 14,842 applications received for fall 2007.
Photo by Will Kirk / HIPS

By Greg Rienzi
The Gazette

For the fifth consecutive year, Johns Hopkins received a record number of applicants to be part of its incoming freshman class. Who got in? Last Wednesday, the envelopes with the answers were mailed out — thanks in no small part to a tireless team of more than 30 student interns and staff who worked overtime the night before to get the envelopes stuffed and sorted.

All told, 14,842 high school seniors applied for regular admission to Johns Hopkins in fall 2007, an increase of 7 percent over last year's total and of 30 percent over the year before's.

Regular decision admission was offered to 3,145 students; those who enroll will join the 443 who were admitted early. The target class size is 1,205, with 800 enrolled in Arts and Sciences and 405 in Engineering.

The highest number of acceptances went out to, in order, applicants from New York, California, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The total of admits includes 325 who identified themselves as African-American, 302 Hispanic and 21 Native American.

Students residing in all 50 states, D.C., two U.S. territories (Guam and Puerto Rico) and 57 countries were offered admission this year. The total number of non-U.S. citizens admitted was 189.

Once again, Baltimore students are well-represented in the admitted class, with 31 students selected for the Baltimore Scholars Program.

The admittance rate was a strikingly low 24 percent. Just two years ago, the rate was 35 percent.

"By every quantitative measure, the incoming class is very strong," said John Latting, director of Undergraduate Admissions. "This is a pretty powerful group of kids in terms of their potential, and that is very exciting."

How did it feel to watch thousands of decision letters leave the campus on Wednesday morning on vans bound for the post office? Latting said that moment is always extremely gratifying.

"This is my Super Bowl," said Latting, who was making application decisions as late as Tuesday afternoon. "Now, I look forward to the pleasure of talking to the people who have been offered admission."


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