Johns Hopkins Gazette | December 17, 2007
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University December 17, 2007 | Vol. 37 No. 15

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in November of 2007. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic Centers

Bularz, Mary, 13 years, Center for Talented Youth
Weinberg, Marcia, 14 years, Center for Talented Youth

15 years of service
Baxley, Cynthia, Center for Talented Youth


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Elderkin, Maureen, 15 years, Epidemiology

30 years of service
Carson, Kathryn, Epidemiology

25 years of service
Pone, Crystal, Center for Communication Programs

20 years of service
Burman, Frances, Epidemiology
Gaztanaga, Susan, Center for Communication Programs

15 years of service
Klein, Catherine, Graduate Education and Research

10 years of service
Becker-Benton, Antje, Center for Communication Programs
Jenkins, Joanne, Health, Behavior and Society
Lauren, Signe, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Siegert, Nancy, Human Resources

5 years of service
Quinn, Ruth, Environmental Health Sciences
Tracey, Patricia, Environmental Health Sciences
Walker, Tiffany, Health, Behavior and Society
Wood, Shervon, Health, Behavior and Society


Homewood Student Affairs

20 years of service
Park, Wu, Housing Operations and Maintenance


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

20 years of service
Lessman, Kathleen, Dean's Office
Trabilsy, David, Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program

10 years of service
Bannon, Christina, Mathematics
Potterfield, Susan, Cognitive Science

5 years of service
Haberman, Rebecca, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ramesh, Sathappan, Physics and Astronomy
Ross, Patrick, Biology


Peabody Institute

15 years of service
Kennison, Deborah, Alumni Relations

10 years of service
Fulgham, David, Security


School of Medicine

Pessaro, Mildred, 25 years, Clinical Immunology
Trattner, James, 13 years, Radiation Safety

40 years of service
Blake, Lawrence, Welch Medical Library

30 years of service
Lawson, Connie, Ophthalmology
Schneider, Sandra, Infectious Diseases

25 years of service
Christy, Glory, Internal Medicine

20 years of service
Carrick, Kathy, Pathology
Coccia, Carol, Neurology
Hentges, Therese, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Vindivich, Donald, Urology
Vladut Talor, Monica, Pathology
Zaferes, Mary, Otolaryngology
Zaferes, Steven, Radiology

15 years of service
McCourt, Barbara, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Romanelli, Janet, Gastroenterology
Taylor, Jerry, Radiation Safety

10 years of service
Fields, Judith, Clinical Practice Association
Goodwin, Craig, Facilities Design and Construction
Hartnett, Mary, Ophthalmology
Kellam, Timothy, Welch Medical Library
Leisner, Trena, Facilities Management
Perry, Stacey, Psychiatry
Tudor, Tina, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer

5 years of service
Asrari, Fariba, Radiation Oncology
Beswick, Jessica, Ophthalmology
Blow, Daphne, Oncology
Bo, Jinyan, Neurology
Brawn, Jeffrey, Cardiac Surgery
Braxton, Carolyn, Facilities Support Services
Cala, Barbara, Oncology
Cao, Bing, Oncology
Carter, Clifton, Health, Safety and Environment
Cloude, Veronica, Breast Center
Cook, Warren, Pulmonary
Devaughn, Kathleen, Cardiology
Giggers, Sherrie, Dermatology
Gorham, Johanna, Clinical Immunology
Griffith, Mary, Radiation Oncology
Lindenmuth, April, Orthopedics
Liu, Guosheng, Comparative Pathology
McDonald, Celandia, General Clinical Research Center
Moss, Holly, Clinical Operations
Nolan, Scott, Infectious Diseases
Oberlander, Brenda, Oncology
Oleszczuk, Brenda, Orthopedics
Peters, Kirk, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Ritter, Martha, Clinical Practice Association
Smith, Katrina, Oncology
Sobota, Mark, Health, Safety and Environment
Sproul, Susan, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Tate, Sherelle, Education and House Staff
Ward, Davita, Radiology
Williams, Robin, Ophthalmology
Xu, Xin, Radiology


University Administration

Lebrun, Richard, 18 years, Campus and Community Patrol

35 years of service
Jackson, Deborah, Data Administration

30 years of service
Thorpe, Dale, Security Administration and Training

25 years of service
Guariglia, Barbara Ann, Senior Vice President's Office

20 years of service
Silesky, Bobbi, President's Office

15 years of service
Dickerson, Aimee, JHPIEGO
Dorsey, Susan, Data Administration
Field, Peder Michael, President's Office
Harrison, Wilson, HopkinsOne

10 years of service
Chatman, Mary, Data Administration
Edmonds, Deborah, Payroll Shared Services
Lyons, Kelly, AR Shared Services
Pavich, Ana, JHPIEGO
Perschetz, Lois, The Gazette
Ward, Terri, Cost Analysis

5 years of service
Benjamin, Charles, Campus and Community Patrol
Feist, Theron, Enterprise Integration Services
Fonseca, Gregory, Campus and Community Patrol
Mate Korle, Paul, Central Receiving
Redifer, Melissa, Sponsored Shared Services
Ritmiller, William, Campus and Community Patrol


Whiting School of Engineering

5 years of service
Bernard, A. Michael, Academic Support
Thornton, Catherine, Student Services


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