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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University December 17, 2007 | Vol. 37 No. 15
Happy JHU Year

By Greg Rienzi
The Gazette

A molecular biologist/beekeeper extraordinaire, a cheese-making cognitive science major and 10 other Johns Hopkins affiliates with interesting, and even award-winning, pastimes will help you tick off the days, weeks and months of 2008.

The 12 students and faculty members are the stars of a soon-to-be-released Johns Hopkins calendar, titled Our Other Life, which endeavors to show the richness of people's pursuits and interests outside the classroom.

The 4.5-inch-by-9-inch desktop calendar features vivid photographs, most of them taken by university photographer Will Kirk, of the subjects in their non-JHU personas, along with lively descriptions of their personal passions.

The university's Office of Design and Publications created the calendar at the suggestion of President William R. Brody and his wife, Wendy.

The month-by-month lineup:

January/Michelle Brown, senior neuroscience major, mosaic artist

February/mechanical engineers Allison Okamura, associate professor, and husband Lester Su, assistant professor, ice hockey players

March/Brigid O'Brien, graduate student in materials science, art conservator

April/Dan Naiman, chair of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and his dog, Shimmer, stoopball players

May/Claire Kenney, sophomore majoring in biology and anthropology, Irish step dancer

June/Nicholas Generous, freshman, aerial acrobatic pilot

July/Wren Halland, junior public health major, jump-roper

August/Jef D. Boeke, molecular biology professor and director of the High Throughput Biology Center, beekeeper

September/Ari Goldberg, graduate student in cognitive science, cheese-maker

October/Alexandros Afthinos, freshman in biochemistry, voice of Harry Potter in the Greek version of the Prisoner of Azkaban

November/Jonathan Pevsner, professor of neurology, Leonardo da Vinci expert

December/Talmesha Richards, PhD candidate in cellular and molecular medicine, Baltimore Ravens cheerleader


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