Johns Hopkins Gazette | September 17, 2007
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University September 17, 2007 | Vol. 37 No. 3

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in August of 2007. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

25 years of service
Brown, Jeanette, MSE Library

20 years of service
Bivens, Barbara, MSE Library
Dalrymple, Candice, MSE Library

15 years of service
Blackburn, Carol, CTY
Kramer, Paula, Montgomery County Center

10 years of service
Mathieu, C.L. MSE Library

5 years of service
Baruch, Susannah, Berman Bioethics Institute, Genetics and Public Policy Center


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Ewing, Barbara, 31 years, International Health
Reintzell, Diane, 27 years, Health Policy and Management
Helm, Donna, 21 years, Research Administration
Donhauser, Linda, 18 years, CCP
Piantadosi, Bonnie, 12 years, Epidemiology

10 years of service
Briggs, Nadine, Epidemiology
Hildebrand, John, Information Systems

5 years of service
Buchanan, India, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Duvall, Marybeth, International Health
Miner, Betty, Epidemiology
Muninarayana, Sathyavathi, Environmental Health Sciences
Nathanson, Maureen, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Stieff, Dorothea, Mental Health
Tieman, Ada, Epidemiology
Yuan, Jie, Environmental Health Sciences


Homewood Student Affairs

20 years of service
Sheppard, Dorothy, Office of the Dean of Students

15 years of service
Caine, Bonnie, Summer Conference Programs
David, Laurence, Counseling Center
Gallagher, Jane, Registrar

5 years of service
Carroll, Joseph, Athletics and Recreation
Conley, William, Enrollment Academic Services
Hernandez, Stacy, Undergraduate Admissions


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

10 years of service
Hurte, Formithia, Office of the Dean

5 years of service
Albee, Jessie, Sociology
Barrantes, Lorrayne, Cognitive Science
Desser, Karen, Academic Advising
Krus, Sean, CSOS
Nieto-Santisteban, Maria, Physics and Astronomy


Peabody Institute

15 years of service
Nelson, Elizabeth, Friedheim Library

10 years of service
Ritchie, Joyce, Development


School of Education

30 years of service
Lampkin, Sharon, Special Education

15 years of service
Bates, John, Columbia Center

10 years of service
Chambers, Monette, Dean's Office
Robertson, Crystal, Dean's Office

5 years of service
Yocum, Virginia, Columbia Center


School of Medicine

35 years of service
Kail, Beverly, Admissions Office

30 years of service
Di Marcantonio, Lynn, Cardiac Surgery
White, Christine, Office of the Dean
Yacoub, Nagat, Clinical Investigation, Human Subjects Research

25 years of service
Guercio, Mary, Pharmacology
Phillips, Deborah, Ophthalmology
Sheridan-Malone, Eileen, OB/GYN
Winston, Renee, Medicine, Billing

20 years of service
Davenport, Georgia, Geriatrics
Geiman, Deborah, Infectious Diseases
Guthrie, Bernadette, Psychiatry
Hill, Eric, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Mark, Janet, Geriatrics
Oldwertel, Patricia, Clinical Immunology
Silver, Barbara, Pediatrics, Pediatrics

15 years of service
Baker, Dorcas, Infectious Diseases
Bull, Deborah, Clinical Immunology
Carter, Kathryn, Neurology
Cooper, Perry, Safety and Environmental Health Services
Esch, Marie, Welch Medical Library
Miller, Kathryn, Pediatrics
Potocki, Margaret, Ophthalmology
Wang, William, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Womack, Samuel, Psychiatry

10 years of service
Bailes, Mary, Psychiatry
Levinson, Mark, Psychiatry
Lupton, Kathleen, Internal Medicine
Mayo, Alfred, Corporate Security
Morville, Stephanie, Emergency Medicine
Pope, Theodore, Medicine
Slater, Joyce, Clinical Practice Association
Sun, Yichun, CIDR
Thomas, Danielle, OB/GYN
Weis, Walter III, Medicine

5 years of service
Barnhart, Michael, CIDR
Basile, Susan, Pediatrics
Bess, Joan, Pediatrics
Choi, Terry, Geriatric Medicine
Cole, Natalie, Pathology
Craig, Lorraine, Otolaryngology, Dental and Oral Medicine
Debus, Rebecca, Psychiatry
Dunphy, Jennifer, Neurosurgery
Herman, Peggy, Radiology
Jackson, Jennifer, General Internal Medicine
Jenkins, John, Pulmonary Medicine
Jones, Catherine, Surgery
Knott-Grasso, Mary, Pediatrics
Leitch, Carmen, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Louden, Sharon, Clinical Operations
Lowe, Gregory, CIDR
Martire, Carol, Center for Innovative Medicine
Minor, Constance, Anesthesiology
Morrison, Jason, Facilities Design and Construction
Parsons, Barbara, Pathology
Seay, Martha, Radiology
Teeter, Timothy, Infectious Diseases
Walton, Jamie, Ophthalmology
Waugh, Patricia, Ophthalmology
Weeks, Kristina, Internal Medicine
Werner, Geraldine, Continuing Medical Education
Wolfe, Kristine, Oncology


School of Nursing

5 years of service
Lambert, Kasey, Admissions


University Administration

35 years of service
Dempsey, Ronald, Financial Services
Malin, Charles, Campus and Community Patrol

30 years of service
Porter, Mary, Annual Giving

20 years of service
Howard, Cheryl, Office of Research Administration
Van Norstrand, Lynn, Management and Finance

15 years of service
Brooks, Rose, Human Resources
Dowdy, William, Campus and Community Patrol
McBride-Wheeler, Sharon, Human Resources
Vice, Cerlisteen, Campus and Community Patrol

10 years of service
Abel, Josh, Procurement Card Program
Darda, Matthew, Financial Services
Miller, Herbert, Campus and Community Patrol
Stout, John, Building Operations and Maintenance
Willis, Leroy, Central Receiving
Zarriello, Dean, Enterprise Network Engineering

5 years of service
Hunter, Betty, Custodial Services
Jarrell, James, Internal Audits
Johnson, Clifton, Custodial Services
Robertson, Linda, GCPA
Seck, Karim, JHPIEGO
Smith, Rita, Career Management Program
Stifler, Bre, Donor Relations


Whiting School of Engineering

5 years of service
Wille, April, Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals


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