Johns Hopkins Gazette | January 22, 2007
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University January 22, 2007 | Vol. 36 No. 18

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in December of 2006. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

25 years of service
Gillispie, James E., MSE Library

15 years of service
Kaneda, Ben Keith, MSE Library
Leonard, Eleanor D., MSE Library

10 years of service
Bechtel, Christopher C., MSE Library
Wong, Albert Y. Montgomery County Campus

5 years of service
Baxley, Philip, CTY
Geller, Stephanie L., Institute for Policy Studies


Carey Business School

10 years of service
Barnes, Page W., Business of Health


Health Divisions Administration

10 years of service
Dolan, Joanne B., Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine, Development

5 years of service
Davis, Paula, Health, Safety and Environment Administration
Gaede, Stephen C., Corporate Communications
Kurman, Sheri, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine, Alumni Relations


Homewood Student Affairs

5 years of service
Miller, Mireille, Housing


Johns Hopkins Press

15 years of service
Jones, Alice F., Hopkins Fulfillment Services

5 years of service
Tan, Elisa, Project MUSE User Services


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

15 years of service
Zheng, Wei, Physics and Astronomy

5 years of service
Helmuth, Barbara, Office of the Dean
Wood, Maxine, Center for Social Organization of Schools


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

15 years of service
Ortiz, Jose M., Business Office

5 years of service
Burrowes, Janet, Career Services
Miller, James R., Mason Library


School of Medicine

35 years of service
Pasterfield, Emily F., Genetic Core
Sanders, Paulette, Institute of Genetic Medicine

25 years of service
Elko, Andrea, Bayview, Gynecology Obstetrics, Bayview

20 years of service
Gala, Nalini H., Pathology
Leatherman, Kellie L., Radiology, General
Myles, Stephanie, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Turner, Linda J., Neurology, Billing

15 years of service
Brown, Dale R., Psychiatry, Neurobiology
McCumber, Karen M., Facilities Management
Quillens, Michele, Production Unit, Billing
Shirk, Karen S., Otolaryngology, Billing

10 years of service
Bailey, Bethany E., Ophthalmology
Burke, Robert, Ophthalmology
Lowery, John C., Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Woodard-Luallen, Pamela, Oncology, Billing

5 years of service
Abramuk, Sharon, Neurosurgery
Dannenfelser, Linda, Maternal Fetal Medicine
Eagle, Cynthia, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Knoerlein, Niki, Ophthalmology
Lane, Kelley, Ophthalmology
McCain, Spencer, Genetic Core
Pennathur, Veena, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Rudich, David, Medicine, Informatics Center
Sauter, Betty, Gynecology Obstetrics, Bayview
Sperlein, Joan C., Cornerstone
Wahlin, Tamara, Radiology, General
Watson, Remel, Radiology, General
Welles-Mundt, Nancy, Surgery, General
Yang, Shirley, Radiology, General


School of Public Health

30 years of service
Principe, Marilyn L., Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

25 years of service
Hobbs, Cherita L., Human Resources

20 years of service
Gerczak, Charlotte F., Epidemiology

15 years of service
Jackson, Rosetta, Epidemiology
Wolfe, Kathleen A., Center for Communication Programs

10 years of service
Hamann, Ray L., Advanced Technology Services
Johng, Surita C., Information Systems

5 years of service
Donaldson, Victoria, Center for American Indian and Alaskan Native Health
Fuller, Wanda, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Getachew, Senayt, International Health, Disease Control
Heminthavong, Amanyphone, Population and Family Health Sciences
Rosman, Lori, Center for Communication Programs
Walters, Cheryl, Center for Communication Programs


University Administration

40 years of service
Sunderland, Joyce E., IT@Johns Hopkins

20 years of service
Foertschbeck, Carla L., Office of the President

15 years of service
Hinnenkamp, Stephen L., Financial Systems Administration

10 years of service
Brokke, Pamela J., Faculty and Staff Assistance Programs
Diberardino, Tracy, Financial Systems Administration
Gale, Nadine, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Mills, Deborah M., Occupational Health

5 years of service
Detorie, Peter, IT@Johns Hopkins
Foster, Sarita H., Hopkins Internal Audits
Hammann, Lisa, Annual Fund
Johnson, Jeanne, HopkinsOne
Miller, James, Jr., Facilities Management
Murphy, Eileen F., Regional Programs
Reiner, Salem, Government, Community and Public Affairs
Zvagelsky, Irene, IT@Johns Hopkins


Whiting School of Engineering

5 years of service
Hickey, Mary-Joe, Business Office
Higgins, Deborah, Information Security Institute


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