Johns Hopkins Gazette | February 26, 2007
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University February 26, 2007 | Vol. 36 No. 23

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in January of 2007. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

15 years of service
Massey-Burzio, Virginia, MSEL

10 years of service
Arthur, Catherine, Homewood House
Choudhury, Golam, MSEL
Cromer, Pamela, Purchasing
Millar, Catherine, Finance Accounting

5 years of service
Daniel, Morgan, Sheridan Libraries
Olmos, Hope, West Coast Office


Bloomberg School of Public Health

20 years of service
Doles, James, Custodial Services
Whitney, Edson, Field Services

15 years of service
Anderson, Alfreda, Center for Immunization Research
Frazier, Deborah, Custodial Services

5 years of service
Jackson, Rhonda, Administration
Mallya, Bonny, Administration
Shaffer, Jennifer, Student Support Services
Wilson, Leon, Administration
Yansen, Shana, Information Services


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

20 years of service
Sullivan, Michael, Business Management

10 years of service
Danforth, Jan, CSOS
Vitarelli, Kathryn, Office of the Dean

5 years of service
Nwobegono, Nuwo, Facilities


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

35 years of service
Prophet, Barbara, Mason Library

5 years of service
Maes, Katrine, Center for Transatlantic Relations


School of Education

5 years of service
Thomas, David, MARCPI


School of Medicine

35 years of service
Wadsworth, Stanley, Radiation Safety

30 years of service
Frado, Sharon, Head and Neck Surgery
Williams, Susan, General Administration

25 years of service
Cain, Dennis, Retina Service
Dashiell, Donna, Oncology
Kalinowski, Joseph, Maintenance and Operations

20 years of service
Cusic, Ann, Stanley Neurovirology
Heffler, Michele, Financial Management
Jones, Priscilla, Pediatric Ophthalmology
Means, Tammy, Cancer Biology

15 years of service
Allen, Bernice, Ocular Molecular Biology
Anderson, Alfreda, CIR
Cavallio, Susan, General Administration
Garalde, Ofelia, Stanley Neurovirology
Karpovich, Theo, General Administration
Satterfield, Robert, Maintenance and Operations
Vogelhut, Judith, General Administration

10 years of service
Bender, Kathryn, Cancer Biology
Bonello, Lori, Anesthesiology
Cantone, Theresa, Surgical Pathology
Gilbert, Patrick, Editorial Services
Jennings, Jo, General Administration
Land, Cassia, General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Mangold, Leslie, Urology Research
Phillips, Edward, Jr., Copy Center
Powers, Pendleton, Breast Cancer
Satterfield, Elnora, East Baltimore
Shepard, Jennifer, NICU
Sufczynski, Diane, HIPAA
Wisowaty, Amy, Business Office

5 years of service
Alt, Janice, Cerebrovascular
Boffen, Henry, Anesthesiology, Bayview
Bouldin, Patricia, Brain Cancer
Blunt, Marquise, Histology Lab
Dadash Zadeh, Mahboubeh, Pediatric Unit, Bayview
Deafer, Mary, Geriatric Medicine
Fradin, Joel, Radiology, Bayview
Gomez, Juan, Infectious Disease
Grisback, Cinda, Transplant Surgery
Harris, Nicole, Ambulatory and Ancillary Services
Hawaizi, Ashti, Comparative Pathology
Henze, Elaine, Bayview Administration
Hetrick, Kurt, II, CIDR
Jie, Chunfa, Microarray Core Facility
Kauders, Anne, Production Unit Billing
Kotti, Michelle, Obstetrics
Lazarou, John, Media Relations and Public Affairs
Markowitz, Sandra, Surgical Pathology
McGowan, Felicia, Business Service
Meissinger, Lisa, Medicine
Molano Di Targiani, Nelly, Gynecology Obstetrics, Bayview
Okollie, Baasil, MR Research
Perkins, Audrey, Pulmonary
Richter, Amy, Pulmonary Pathology
Ritsema, Tamara, Clinical Programs
Rodgers, Daniel, Quality Assurance
Sheng, Peilin, General Administration
Shi, Qingbiao, Microarray Core Facility
Silva, Janis, Center for Innovation
Skinner, Flavia, Histology Lab
Swift-Scanlan, Karen, Gynecology Obstetrics, Bayview
Talley, Tracey, White Marsh
Turnbull, Melissa, Urologic Oncology
Ugarte, Marykate, Medical Archives
Wright, Natasha, Medicine
Williams, Kimberly, General Internal Medicine
Yeager, Lynda, Third Party Reimbursements


University Administration

25 years of service
Randall, Alonza, Central Receiving
Stidham, Brenda, IT@Johns Hopkins, Data Center Services

20 years of service
Davis, William, Building Operations and Maintenance

15 years of service
Brainerd, Alice, Course Management Systems
Petrovia, Tiffany, Accounts Payable Shared Services

10 years of service
Armour, Brenda, Office of Dean of Students
Chapman, Deborah, Payroll and Tax
Demuth, Susan, Donor Relations
Houston, Mae, Custodial Services
King, Wanda, Management Staff Development Program
Newby, Virginia, Misc. General Expenses

5 years of service
August, Lisa, Construction Management
Dembeck, Brian, JH Real Estate
Esteves, Maria, Staff Relations
Farrell, Nicholas, Construction Management
Galvin, Robert, Facilities Management
Hilseberg, Charles, Construction Management
Hofferbert, H. Craig, MIS Financial and Administrative Service
Makowy, William, Construction Management
Mazzoni, Denise, Real Estate Services
McMorris, Melinda, Office of VP for Human Resources
Moreland, Lisa, Office of VP for Human Resources
Moss, Angela, Data Center Services
Sparwasser, Edward, Building Operations and Maintenance
Strott, Matthew, Construction Management
Swartz, Alex, Financial Systems
Warner, Terrence, Financial Services


Whiting School of Engineering

25 years of service
Krupsaw, Janet, Center for Multi-Functional Appliquá

5 years of service
Habert, Elizabeth, Engineering and Applied Science
McCutcheon, Cathy, Development and Alumni Relations


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