Johns Hopkins Gazette | November 26, 2007
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University November 26, 2007 | Vol. 37 No. 12

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in October of 2007. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic Centers

Hughes, Helen, 12 years, Dean's Office

15 years of service
Collins, Susan, Center for Talented Youth

10 years of service
Schachtel, Marsha, Institute for Policy Studies

5 years of service
Spokus, John, Student Accounts


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Rigby, Hugh, 19 years, Center for Communication Programs

25 years of service
Brady, Ruth, Environmental Health Sciences
Myers, Linda, General Preventive Medicine Residency Program

20 years of service
Gray, Barbara, Epidemiology
Wright, William, Jr., Copy Center

15 years of service
Chen, Zhuxin, Population and Family Reproductive Health
Curriero, Heidi, Environmental Health Sciences
Khan, Ayesha, Epidemiology
Tremper, Kathleen, International Health

5 years of service
Ametepi, Paul, Center for Communication Programs
Cubeta, Jessica, Epidemiology
Langan, Susan, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Schoeffield, Michael, Facilities Management
Stinnette, Recardo, Epidemiology


Homewood Student Affairs

15 years of service
Dorsey, Benedict, Student Financial Services


10 years of service
O'Shea, Christine, Muse Technical Services


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

35 years of service
Lee, Reiko, Biology
Warfield, Joan, Office of the Dean

15 years of service
Roberts, Janet, Advanced Academic Programs

10 years of service
Stutman, Dan, Physics and Astronomy

5 years of service
Haywood, Clayton, German and Romance Languages and Literatures
Platais, Imants, Physics and Astronomy


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

25 years of service
O'Toole, Bernadette, Academic and Student Services, Bologna Center



10 years of service
Polgar, Rebecca, Financial Aid


School of Medicine

Thompson, Madelyn, 36 years, Laboratory Animal Medicine

30 years of service
Delman, Elaine, Pathology

25 years of service
Pugh, Carol, Institutional Review Board
Strong, Allen, Biomedical Engineering
Torbit, Donna, Core Services
Weinstein, Helene, Nephrology

20 years of service
Dieterich, Donna, Pediatric Immunology
Feehely, Barbara, Pediatrics
Morrisey, Vanessa, Dermatology
Vanfossen, Saundra, Johns Hopkins Healthcare
Zahurak, Marianna, Oncology

15 years of service
Gilliam, Edna, Neurology
Heiser, Lisa, Faculty Development
Kennedy, Margene, Endocrinology
Mintz, Margaret, Otolaryngology
Neisser, Laura, Ophthalmology
Smith, Kimberly, Surgery
Walker, Janis, Psychiatry

10 years of service
Bailey, Erma, Anesthesiology
Davis, Judith, Pediatrics
Davis, Kathryn, Neurology
Dochinger, Beth, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Fox, Michael, Oncology
Hall, Mary, Clinical Practice Associates
Kellam, Terry, Safety Environmental Health Services
Logan, Jennette, Pediatric Immunology
Mukhina, Galina, Oncology, Hematologic Malignancies
Venti, Kimberly, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine

5 years of service
Abadom, Vivian, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Barksdale, Pamela, Radiology
Beard, Christine, Dermatology
Burman, Hillary, Anesthesiology
Clark, Verdell, Infectious Diseases
Cunningham, Marsha, Dermatology
Donegan, Pamela, Facilities Management, Design and Construction
Dziedzic, Peter, Neurology
Felton, Regina, Neurology
Fulton, Lenalee, Ophthalmology
Gard, Sharon, White Marsh Billing Office
Harrison, Michelle, Adolescent Medicine
King, Stacey, Psychiatry
McBride, Mary, Oncology, Immunology and Hematopoeisis
McMullen, Ivy, Institute of Genetic Medicine/CIDR
Murray-Stewart, Tracy, Oncology
Naughton, Kathleen, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Oguntimein, Oluwamurewa, Neurology
Ong, Maryjane, Pediatric Immunology
Paul, Delphine, Rheumatology
Pipitone, Lauri, Radiology
Polley, Michelle, Neurology
Rogers, Linda, Gynecology/Obstetrics
Scott, Natalie, Oncology
Tian, Jing, Geriatric Medicine
Winner, Laura, Center for Innovation in Quality Patient Care
Xue, Lin, Pediatrics
Yang, Mao, Clinical Immunology
Ye, Xiaobu, Oncology


School of Nursing

15 years of service
Curtis, Carol, Center for Nursing Research

5 years of service
San Mateo, Frederick, Computer and Network Services


University Administration

Lamonte, Joseph, Jr., 33 years, Homewood Networking

35 years of service
Reiner, Charles, Building Operations and Maintenance

30 years of service
Lewandowski, Albert, Printing Services
Outten, Mary, Benefits Shared Services

25 years of service
Rodriguez, Mary, Small Business Development Program

15 years of service
Allen, Donnetta, Custodial Services
Dinkins, Saul, Custodial Services
Karczmarek, Eileen, Accounts Payable Shared Services
Ruddle, Angela, Alumni Relations

10 years of service
Brown, Genora, Custodial Services
Daley, Jeremiah, Jr., Campus and Community Patrol
Dettloff, Kathy, Budget Financial Planning Analysis
Griffin, Terri, Payroll Shared Services
Hartlove, Juanita, Accounts Payable Shared Services
Owens, Derrell, Benefits Shared Services
Pomplon, Constance, Accounts Payable Shared Services
Rorke, John, Campus and Community Patrol
Shaffer, Barbara, Student Information Systems
Stepney, Robert, Central Receiving

5 years of service
Ashdown, Stefanie, Student Information Systems
Bukelis, Remigijus, Accounts Receivables Shared Services
Clayborn, Annette, Custodial Services
Davis, Karin, Educational Software
Hartley, Dianne, Accounts Payable Shared Services
Karp, Nina, Organization Development Diversity
Rosen, Elliot, Sponsored Projects, Shared Services


Whiting School of Engineering

Krupsaw, Janet, 25 years, Center for Multifunctional Applique

5 years of service
Carass, Aaron, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Porterfield, Susannah, Institute for NanoBioTechnology


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