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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University September 2, 2008 | Vol. 38 No. 1
JH Neighborhood Fund Awards $168,830 in Grants

By Greg Rienzi
The Gazette

In resounding fashion, Johns Hopkins employees heeded the call to support nonprofits serving communities around our campuses. In its inaugural year, the Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund raised $148,830, augmented by a $20,000 donation from the President's Office.

This fund supports nearby organizations — recommended by Johns Hopkins Institutions employees — that are addressing the health, educational, public safety, employment and community revitalization needs of area residents. The money, pledged during the 2007 United Way campaign, directly supports programs and initiatives at the agencies selected.

"It's heartwarming that we can contribute to these agencies, helping them improve their programs and the lives of those in our neighborhoods," said Frank Bossle, executive director of JHI Internal Audits and chair of the Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund Allocation Committee. "The Johns Hopkins connection is important. It says a lot when a JHU employee can say that I'm affiliated with the group and really believe in and support what they are doing."

The list of organizations that received 2007 grants are ACORN, Biotechnical Institute of Maryland, Charles Village Recreation League, Children of the World Co-Op, Civic Works, Heart's Place Shelter, Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition, People's Homesteading Group, the Community School and the Family Tree. The grants addressed specific requests from the groups for efforts such as after-school programs, community beautification projects, a homeless shelter and a homeownership and foreclosure prevention fair.

Bossle said that the committee was extremely pleased with both the number and quality of the submissions. He said that the group took considerable care in deciding how best to distribute the funds that were available, and added that it was time well spent.


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