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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University December 15, 2008 | Vol. 38 No. 15

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in November of 2008. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

10 years of service
Scott, Linda, Center for Talented Youth

5 years of service
Henoch-Ryugo, Karen, Center for Talented Youth


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Redmond, Olivia, 12 years of service, Custodial Services

40 years of service
Poplovski, Ethel, Health Policy and Management

25 years of service
Sims, Donna, Office of the Dean

15 years of service
Culbertson, Natalie, Population and Family Health Services
Godfrey, Rebecca, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

10 years of service
Alston, Gary, Custodial Services
Dyson, Verta, Custodial Services

5 years of service
Brandt, Calvin, Maintenance
Fields, Ellen, Custodial Services
Green, Lennwood, Epidemiology
Hairie, Sierra, Population and Family Health Services
Heck, Judith, Center for Communication Programs
Jerry, Judith, Epidemiology
Martin, Pamala, Environmental Health Sciences
McCants, Tahirah, Registrar's Office
Pierce, Tishawn, Center for a Livable Future


Carey Business School

10 years of service
Boyd, Deborah, Communications and Marketing
Wallace, Barbara, Communications and Marketing


Homewood Student Affairs

15 years of service
Smith, Craig, Registrar's Office

10 years of service
Jacob, Bethany, Undergraduate Admissions


Johns Hopkins Press

30 years of service
Hoerner, Deborah V., Fulfillment


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

30 years of service
Pelton, Russell, Physics and Astronomy

20 years of service
Almond, James, Jr., Philosophy

15 years of service
Piraino, Patricia, Dean's Office
Sahnow, David, Physics and Astronomy

10 years of service
Moore, Felicia, Physics and Astronomy
Sturdivant, Wafa, Advanced Academic Programs
Tomiya, Noboru, Biology

5 years of service
Duell, Garry, Advanced Academic Programs
Hauf, Sally, German and Romance Languages and Literatures



15 years of service
Thomas, Kevin, Security



35 years of service
Carlson, Linda, Mason Library

20 years of service
Notzon, Wanda, Mason Library


School of Education

10 years of service
Jones, Gail, Center for Technology in Education
Robinson, Patricia, Student Accounts


School of Medicine

Harris, Josie, 19 years of service, Physiology
Hartke, Carol, 43 years of service, Oncology
Lucas, Wilma, 20 years of service, Academic Affairs
Walter, Judy, 41 years of service, Academic Affairs

45 years of service
Miller, Carol, Kennedy Krieger Institute

40 years of service
Evler, Aubrey, Safety/Radiation Control
Manson, Sharon, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

35 years of service
Rohde, Diane, Safety/Radiation Control

25 years of service
Basener, Ronald, Human Resources
Boyd, Ramona, Clinical Practice Associates
Bryan, Gloria, Human Resources
Voss, Barbara, Postdoctoral Affairs

20 years of service
Jones, Denice, Infectious Diseases
Ledford, Kenneth, Clinical Practice Associates
Nelson, Beverly, Rheumatology
O'Connor, Joyce, Molecular Biology and Genetics

15 years of service
Fedd, Charlotte, Institute for Clinical Translational Research
Franklin, Macheal, Radiology
McCann, Helen, Gastroenterology
Warzyniak, Kenneth, Jr., Oncology

10 years of service
Alsup, Darlene, Ophthalmology
Denardo, Cristina, Clinical Immunology
Dorm, Nicole, Neurology
Gillum, Bonnie, Radiology
Grauer, Neil, Marketing and Communications
Hicks, Jessica, Pathology
Jones, Charlyne, Clinical Practice Associates
Jones, Kattina, Oncology
Pennington, Lisa, Immunology
Scott, Tammy, Oncology
Sebree, Rosa, Oncology
Stacy, Gerald, Institute for Clinical Translational Research
Stansbury, Christine, Otolaryngology
Taylor, Karen, Psychiatry
Wallace, Jocelyn, Pathology
Weaver, Adowa, Pediatrics
Wilson, Scott, Facilities Support Services

5 years of service
Bailey-El, Raushaana, Surgery
Chamera, Elzbieta, Cardiology
Cheeks-Shaw, Toni, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Drewry, Tina, Chemical Dependency
Edwards, David, Research Animal Resources
Evans, Crystal, Psychiatry
Everett, Allen, Cardiology
Farruggia, Nancy, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Flood, Jacqueline, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer
Giuriceo, Katherine, Geriatrics
Glover, Johnny, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Hicks, John, Ophthalmology
Hines, David, Rheumatology
Hochberg, Eric, Pulmonary Medicine
Hopewell-Walker, Wanda, Urology
Hua, Kegang, Radiology
Humphries, Patricia, General Internal Medicine
Jones, Nathaniel, Research Animal Resources
Lenehan, Patrick, Admin Safety Information Technology
Maleski, Jerome, Anesthesiology
Mullendore, Michael, Pathology
Nagelia, Suman, Pathology
Peroutka, Robert, Orthopaedic Surgery
Sears, Melanie, Ophthalmology
Stocker, Norma, Molecular Medicine
Vera, Gabriel, Psychiatry
Wall, Hugh, Jr., Radiology


Sheridan Libraries and JHU Museums

20 years of service
Scarbath, J. Blair, Evergreen Museum & Library

15 years of service
Levy, Jeffrey, MSE Library


University Administration

30 years of service
Saunders, Suzette, Purchasing

25 years of service
Lee, Robert, III, Investments

20 years of service
Austin, Elton, Custodial Services

15 years of service
Fennessey, James, Management Information Systems
Hurcombe, Susan, Printing Services

10 years of service
Henley, Marsha, Student Loans
Vickers, Suzonne, Data Administration
Waters, Catherine, Custodial Services
White, Richard, SAP Support
Williams, Ebony, Human Resources

5 years of service
Hayes, Charlene, Human Resources
Montero, Alan, Central Receiving
Summers, Andrew, Enterprise Backbone Services


Whiting School of Engineering

20 years of service
Aumiller, James, Engineering Business Office
Pugh, Jean, Office of the Dean

5 years of service
Johnson, R. Michael, Mechanical Engineering


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