Johns Hopkins Gazette | April 21, 2008
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University April 21, 2008 | Vol. 37 No. 31

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in March of 2008. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

35 years of service
Jackson, Sandra, MSE Library

10 years of service
Cheeks, Cathleen, Center for Talented Youth

5 years of service
Broady, Rhonda, Center for Talented Youth
Park, Thomas, Center for Talented Youth
Quinn, James, Montgomery County Campus


Bloomberg School of Public Health

20 years of service
Hallyburton, Jennifer, Finance

15 years of service
Adams, Linda, Education Administration Office
Ferrington, Doreen, Facilities Management

10 years of service
Rebbert, Eric, CCP

5 years of service
Bradsher, Thomas, Institutional Review Board Office
Causion, Wayne, Employment
Elliott, Ingrid, Epidemiology
Piskorski, Bogdan, Maintenance
Raimondo, Dominic, Maintenance
Seitz, Renee, Admissions


Carey Business School

Williams, Harry, 13 years, Custodial Services


Homewood Student Affairs

25 years of service
Rhoades, Linda, Student Health and Wellness Center


Johns Hopkins University Press

35 years of service
Seiler, Gilbert, Information Systems

15 years of service
Ventura, Susan, Domestic Marketing

10 years of service
Forlifer, Linda, Manuscript Editing
Schreur, Robert, Design and Production

5 years of service
Burke, Vincent, Acquisitions
McWilliams, Frances, Finance Accounting


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

20 years of service
Burkhardt, Linda, Sociology
Carter, Meghan, Chemistry

5 years of service
Allen, Ludencia, Development


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

15 years of service
Blackwell, Kenneth, Security



5 years of service
Lindner, Francis, Security


School of Education

5 years of service
Godack, Christina, External Affairs and Alumni Relations
Harmel, Larry, Maryland Regional Community Policing Institute


School of Medicine

Shoukas, Colette, 15 years, Continuing Medical Education
Williams, Susan, 11 years, Clinical Practice Association

35 years of service
Chapple, Rudolph, Kennedy Krieger Institute

30 years of service
Clulow, Jon, Cardiology

25 years of service
Dinatale, Joseph, Jr., Cardiac Surgery
Harbold, John, Graphic Arts
Lemis, Leanna, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Merges, Carol, Ophthalmology
Schatz, Carol, Clinical Immunology

20 years of service
Calini, Rose, Neurosurgery
Conrad, Cheryl, Otolaryngology
Cromwell, Gary, Radiology
Cromwell, Helen, Oncology
Grinnalds, John, Facilities Management
Lent, Carol, General Internal Medicine

15 years of service
Fisher, Kimberly, Clinical Operations
Mooney, Debra, Pathology
Watson, Tammy, Biophysics

10 years of service
Blandino, Michael, CPA, Information Technology
Borozzi, Judith, Urology
Burley, Vernice, Billing
Burns, Rachel, Psychiatry
Coleman, Rhonda, Billing
Cornwall, Patricia, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Dimura, Belinda, Clinical Operations
Dorr, Brett, Ophthalmology
McDuffie, Gwendolyn, Facilities Management
McKnight, Barbara, Orthopedic Surgery
Oldewurtel, Patricia, Clinical Immunology
Staten-Heath, Verdell, Psychiatry
Williams, Sandra, Radiology

5 years of service
Chang, Xiaoli, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Diblasio, Robert, Facilities Design and Construction
Doverte, Gerry, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Estep, Tracey, Dermatology
Hans, Michael, Radiology
Hicks, Kathryn, Psychiatry
Lang, Dawn, Center for Inherited Disease Research
Lugalia, Lebah, Pathology
Pan, Xiaoyu, Oncology
Sejismundo, Lourdes, Rheumatology
Selassie, Mahseey, Pediatric Surgery
Shedeck, Audra, Oncology
Sims, Megan, Oncology
Zambo, Pablo, Facilities Management, Maintenance and Operations


University Administration

Brainerd, Alice, 16 years, Course Management Systems

30 years of service
Magarick, Ronald, JHPIEGO

25 years of service
Roberts, Kenneth, Utility Operations

15 years of service
Ervin, Patrice, Human Resources
Hawkins, Rudolph, Utility Operations

10 years of service
Ballou, Robert, Plant Operations
Jones, Kathy, HR Shared Services
Rienzi, Gregory, The JHU Gazette
Scheinberg, Denise, HR Today
Strasser, Kathleen, HopkinsOne
Warfield, Ronald, Building Operations and Maintenance
Yeatman, Patricia, Purchasing

5 years of service
Altura, Adrian, Office of Investment Management
Dubnow, Jeffrey, Development and Alumni Relations
Jones, Helice, Data Administration
Truitt, Audrey, Custodial Services
Williams, Scott, Custodial Services


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