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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University May 11, 2009 | Vol. 38 No. 34

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in May of 2009. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

15 years of service
Ashley, Amy, Center for Talented Youth

10 years of service
Cooke, Janet, Center for Talented Youth

5 years of service
Haddock, Megan, Institute for Policy Studies


Bloomberg School of Public Health

25 years of service
Casey, Brenda, International Health
Hauer, Debra, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

20 years of service
Deaton, Arlene, International Health
Hoffman-Bolton, Judith, Epidemiology

15 years of service
Mohamed, Farria, Environmental Health Sciences

10 years of service
Diggs, Charalett, Epidemiology

5 years of service
Blue, Marvin, Custodial Services
Budlow, Edda, Registrar
Hannah, Michele, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Hardy, Tara, Master of Public Health Program
Lee, Nancy, Custodial Services
Lin, Ying, Epidemiology
Mace, Debora, Health, Behavior and Society
Ross, Sheril, Custodial Services
Tirocchi, Frank, Maintenance


Homewood Student Affairs

5 years of service
Furhman, David, Housing and Dining Services


Johns Hopkins University Press

15 years of service
Kendzejeski, Nicole, Finance Accounting


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

15 years of service
Dinenna, Megan, Psychological and Brain Sciences
O'Sullivan, Denise, Advanced Academic Programs


Peabody Institute

5 years of service
Potler, Julia, Elderhostel



15 years of service
Marques, Andrew, Mason Library

5 years of service
Stiegler, Ruth, Mason Library


School of Education

15 years of service
Mason, Janet, Teacher Development and Leadership


School of Medicine

40 years of service
Swift, Andrea, Pediatrics

35 years of service
Cooper, Deborah, Neurology

30 years of service
Davis, Eric, Oncology
Dodson, Dawn, Neurology
James, Angela, Medicine, Rheumatology
Jones, Leroy, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Queen, Linda, Sponsored Projects
Sellers, William, Facilities

25 years of service
Roberts, Deborah, Dermatology

20 years of service
Cione, Jane, Ophthalmology
Noffke, Laura, Pulmonary
Whitfield, Denise, Clinical Practice Association

15 years of service
Capriotti, Anne, Medicine, Cardiology
Feldman, Karen, Infectious Diseases
Harris, Susan, Surgery
Hodges, Melvin, Facilities Support Services
Holmack, David, Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Miller, Edward, Jr., Dean of the School of Medicine
Sauer, Barbara, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Winslow, Ellen, Pathology

10 years of service
Adriani, L., Cardiology
Arthur, Kimberly, Oncology
Bacher, Anita, Cardiology
Brinkley, Sherilyn, Infectious Diseases
Chambers, Bernice, Bayview-White Marsh Specialty Group Dorsey, Christopher, Neurology
Elkins, Carolyn, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Ellis, Kimberly, Clinical Practice Association
Ford, Sharonda, Neurology
Lunken, Jessica, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Mangum, Brian, Ophthalmology
Matuszewski, Keith, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
McGill, Tonya, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer
Osborne, Jennifer, Dermatology
Pin, Sokhon, Anesthesiology
Rose, Brandy, Ophthalmology
Schillinger, Karl, Immunogenetics
Shepherd, Deborah, Clinical Practice Association
Sholander, Jeffrey, Immunogenetics
Sokol, Nicole, Point of Care Information Technology
Velasco, Rogelio, Anesthesiology
Wang, Juan, Biological Chemistry
Wang, Qiuju, Oncology
Watts, Sharon, Pulmonary
Wu, Yuqiong, Gastroenterology

5 years of service
Bailey, Mary, Dermatology
Baker, John, Facilities Support Services
Bower, Susan, Orthopedics
Carter, Dorleen, Ophthalmology
Chighladze, Ekaterine, Psychiatry
Devereux, Wendy, Oncology
Imbach-Schmitt, Jennifer, Ophthalmology
Koerner, Celide, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Kwasnik, Ewa, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Littrell, Keon, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Mitchell, Victoria, Clinical Operations
Morton, Sherry, Hematology
Murdock, Priscilla, Ophthalmology
Orr, Cara, Oncology
Schultz, Cynthia, Radiology
Smit, Gabriela, Center for Clinical Global Health Education
Trujillo, Oscar, Immunogenetics
Vanbuskirk, Margaret, Ophthalmology


School of Nursing

5 years of service
Brahmbhatt, Daksha, Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing


Sheridan Libraries / JHU Museums

10 years of service
Spence, Stacie, MSE Library

5 years of service
Papierniak, Anna, George Peabody Library


University Administration

25 years of service
Gestole, Ruperto, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Yi, Jun, Housing Operations and Maintenance

20 years of service
Staines, Ronald, Sr., Building Operations and Maintenance

15 years of service
Ro, Joon, Custodial Services

10 years of service
Chung, Ok-Hee, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Driver, Carolyn, Custodial Services
Eley, Leonard, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Seldon, Gregory, Custodial Services
Trombetti, Lori, Internal Audits

5 years of service
Currie, Sheena, Jhpiego
Ercolano, Lisa, News and Information
Neal, Stefanie, Student Systems and Educational Technology
Pedrozo, Carmen, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Yoo, Yon, Housing Operations and Maintenance


Whiting School of Engineering

20 years of service
Parson, Martin, Biomedical Engineering

10 years of service
Kilheffer, Dawn, Center for Imaging Science


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