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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University February 16, 2009 | Vol. 38 No. 22

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in February of 2009. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Franks, Lee, 29 years, Custodial Services

20 years
Duvall, Annette, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Johnson, Jacquett, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Lewis, Richelle, Health Policy and Management
Meinert, Jill, Epidemiology

15 years
Bickham, Julia, Center for Communication Programs
Queen, Bertha, Epidemiology
Stratton, Celeste, Support Services

10 years
Kelly, Helen, Epidemiology
Robinson, Deborah, Population, Family and Reproductive Health

5 years
Fitzgerald, Monica, International Health
Wentz, Alicia, Epidemiology


Homewood Student Affairs

20 years
Kendzejeski, Michael, ID Card Services


Johns Hopkins Club

Smith, Tanya, Johns Hopkins Club


Johns Hopkins Press

10 years
Lonegro, Michael, Acquisitions

5 years
Barchichat, Jane, General and Administration
Barnett, Andre, Manuscript Editing
De La Rosa, Michele, Marketing Domestic


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Osborn, Thomas, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Zeller, Mary Ann, 20 years, Sociology

45 years
Horne, Drucilla, Psychological and Brain Sciences

25 years
Livi, Kenneth, Earth and Planetary Sciences

20 years
Orndorff, Joseph, Physics and Astronomy

15 years
Crosby, Ranice, Biophysics

5 years
White, Patricia, Biology



15 years
Paz, Guadalupe, Latin American Studies

5 years
Matias, Pedro, Mailroom Copy Center


School of Education

20 years
Banks-Smith, Angela, Student Accounts


School of Medicine

Civin, Curt, 29 years, Oncology
Harris, Jerry, Research Animal Resources
Merz, William, 35 years, Pathology

30 years
Carmichael, Danny, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Ewing, Charles, Urology
Noethen, Tambra, Chairman's Office

25 years
Gurganus, James, Jr., Urology
Razavi, Mina, Radiation Safety
Rodgers, Joann, Marketing and Communications

20 years
Delannoy, Michael, Cellular Biology
Hart, Robin, Pharmacology
McGrath, John, Psychiatry
Robinson-El, Renee, Facilities Support Services
Wolyniec, Paula, Psychiatry

15 years
Bartucci, Deborah, Cardiology
Bauer, Jo, Oncology
Black, Myra, Pediatrics
Blosser, Richard, Rheumatology
Burns, Jay, Biomedical Engineer Administration
Miller, Robert, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Nash, Donna, Immunogenetics
Prescott, Carol, Radiology
Toney, Ernest, Facilities Support Services
Wright, Natarsha, Neurology

10 years
Batty, Shawn, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Blakeslee, Wesley, Johns Hopkins Technology
Callahan, Karen, Pediatrics
Coe, Lavonne, JHOC
Edgington, Robert, Orthopedics
Geckle, Rena, Radiology
Griffin, Valerie, Pediatrics
Gross, Matthew, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Hall, Sheri, JHOC, Access Services
Hardy, Lauren, Ophthalmology
Hart, Betty, Pharmacology
Hoard, Betty, Pulmonary
Kemp, Karen, General Internal Medicine
Livingston, Chanel, Institute for Clinical Translational Research
Reid, Sheila, Billing
Roberts, Glenda, Pediatrics
Schinella, Leslie, Pediatrics
Servinsky, Laura, Pulmonary
Whitehead, Teri, General Internal Medicine
Yang, Yanqin, Ophthalmology

5 years
Buckwold, Simy, Otolaryngology
Camarah, Fatou, International Services
Dackiw, Elizabeth, Pediatric Hematology
Elliott, Steven, Cardiology
Ellis, Jason, Cardiology
Fonti, Shannon, Pulmonary
Gerst, Peter, Endocrinology
Hastings, Linda, Neurosurgery
Hines, Robert, HEBCAC
Hinton, Lisa, Pulmonary
Jackson, Jamaal, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Jenkins, Meda, Pathology
Kazimierczak, Ava, Ophthalmology
Lamberson, Mary, Oncology
Lauer, Thomas, Pediatrics
Meadows, Susan, Ophthalmology
Miao, Kuangyi, Psychiatry
Minton, Carla, Gastroenterology
Popkova, Tatyana, Surgery
Provenza, Linda, Pediatrics
Radcliffe, Elizabeth, Ophthalmology
Reed, Nicole, Neurology
Sears, Patrick, Pediatrics
Smith, George, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Stanley, Carrie, Orthopaedic Surgery
Stewart, Robin, Radiology
Stokes, Nicole, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Sweeney, Nathaniel, Neurology
Taylor, Nancy, Research Animal Resources
Wellington, Holly, Neurology
Yildirir, Gokben, Biological Chemistry


School of Nursing

15 years
Hamilton, Patrice, Business Office

10 years
Dennett, Bruce, Network Services

5 years
Schultz-Writsel, Lynn, Communications
Straus, Beverly, Office of the Dean


University Administration

Green, Joseph, Custodial Services
Lamberti, Janet, 21 years, Office of the Provost
Shoemaker, Donna, 22 years, Alumni Magazine Consortium

35 years
Smith, Galen, Management Information Systems

20 years
Moody, Victor, Grounds Services

15 years
Delilly, Thomas, Central Receiving
McLean, Danita, Budget Financial Planning Analysis

10 years
Brown, Sharon, Accounts Payable Shared Services
Finn, Ronald, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Gabbitas, Ashley, Security Administration and Training
Geigan-Chantee, Renee, Management Information Systems
Moore, Joanne, Payroll Shared Services
Shelton, Kathryn, Gift Planning

5 years
Boyce, Christine, Finance and Administrative Services
Driver, Jill, Information Systems
Jackson, Ellery, Custodial Services
Jones, Michael, Custodial Services
Mauer, Abraham, Information Systems Auditing
Weinberg, Lavon, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Whittington, Jacqueline, Custodial Services


Whiting School of Engineering

10 years
Weise, Janet, Academic Affairs

5 years
Granite, Stephen, Center for Cardiovascular Bioinformatics and Modeling
Murray, Michelle, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


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