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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University January 20, 2009 | Vol. 38 No. 18

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in January of 2009. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

20 years
Albert, Mary, Center for Talented Youth

15 years
Nicks, Paula, Center for Talented Youth


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Whitehair, Lena, 20 years, International Health

20 years
Foltz, Paula, International Health
Smith, Patricia, Epidemiology

10 years
Lanocha, Patricia, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
McVicker, Jeffrey, Support Services
Schneider, Michael, Epidemiology

5 years
Cole, Christopher, International Health
Genberg, Becky, Epidemiology
Horning, Karen, Epidemiology
Imteyaz, Hejab, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Jackson, Mary, Health Policy and Management
Larzelere-Hinton, Francen, International Health
Marron, Jennifer, International Health


Homewood Student Affairs

5 years
Janowsky, Cheryl, Undergraduate Admissions



10 years
Chen, Hwei-Ru, Development
Rodriguez, Susana, Student Affairs

5 years
Warnick, Samuel, Security


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

25 years
Althoff, Frances, Economics
Marcin, Sarah, Dean's Office

15 years
Woloszyn, Regina, Writing Seminars

5 years
Maher, Erin, Technology Classroom
Smith, Deloras, Summer and Intersession Programs
Teal, Ayana, History



10 years
Porter, Catherine, Business Office


School of Medicine

Miller, Carol, 45 years, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Dwelley, Charlynne, 40 years, Interdepartmental

30 years
Coleman, Russell, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sessa, Genevieve, Cardiac Surgery

25 years
Alejo, Diane, Cardiac Surgery
Guralnick, Bonnie, Human Resources

20 years
Augustyniak, Susan, Pulmonary
Glass, Barbara, Pediatrics
Glorioso, Lisa, Pulmonary
Goodlett, Shelia, Research Animal Resources
Jordan, Brenda, Pulmonary
Kosmas, Joyce, Surgery
McCawley, Sandra, Pulmonary
McNally, Peggy, Psychiatry
Nadeau, Carole, Pulmonary
Paxton, Gary, Pulmonary
Roberts, Garry, Pulmonary
Schubert, Norman, Pulmonary

15 years
Bartley, Duane, Genetic Research Core Facility
Brown, Kimberly, Genetic Research Core Facility
Han, Kyungeun, University Health
Hurley, Stephanie, Clinical Practice Associates
King, Bonnie, Infectious Diseases
Malone, Kathleen, Facilities Design and Construction
McClary, Yvette, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Mullins, Wendy, Pediatrics
Wolf, Kimberly, Postdoctoral Affairs

10 years
Adams, Victoria, Clinical Practice Associates
Ellenberger, Robert, Clinical Practice Associates
Engblom, Patricia, Clinical Operations
Fulton, William, Surgery
Lambert, Joyce, General Internal Medicine
Montag, Helen, Technology Transfer
Paine, Lori, Center for Innovation in Quality Patient Care
Treine, Kevin, Infectious Diseases
Wehage, Scott, Molecular Pharmacology
Wen, Jiayu, Nephrology
Woodall, Teresa, Geriatrics
Zaeske, Rose, Simulation Center

5 years
Barker, Thomas, Clinical Practice Associates
Bell, Nanette, Anesthesiology
Boswell, Tracey, HEBCAC
Burton, Altheria, Clinical Operations
Corry, Marie, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Doucet, Michele, Orthopedics
Eagan, Amy, Pediatrics
Gavin, Kristan, Research Animal Resources
Gayles, Debra, General Internal Medicine
Gilbert, Adel, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Gill, Theodosia, General Internal Medicine
Gumas, Diana, Health Science Informatics
Guttmann-Bauman, Ines, Pediatrics
Hinton, Evelyn, Pathology
Johnson, Teresa, Facilities Support Services
Johnson, Yasmin, Outpatient Center Training
Jones, Kimberly, Genetic Research Core Facility
Lane, Elizabeth, International Services
Langer, John, Oncology
Malick, Lisa, Oncology
Martin, Stephanie, Surgery
Miller, Robin, Psychology
Nelson, Angela, Pathology
Neumann, Margaret, Surgery
Ng'Alla, Ladina, Cardiology
O'Neill, Marla, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Poole, Margaret, Cardiology
Scarborough, Lois, Safety, Health and Environment
Sentz, Julie, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Timmons, T. Dawn, Registrar's Office
Watson, Cornelius, Research Animal Resources
Woodward, Melissa, Outpatient Center


School of Nursing

15 years
Wilcox, Phyllis, Financial Aid

5 years
Bryant, Lauren, Financial Aid
Cruit, Katherine, Admissions
Medina, Ronnie, Business Office


Sheridan Libraries/jhu Museums

10 years
Cyzyk, Mark, MSE Library
Juedes, Donald, MSE Library

5 years
Wang, Xuemao, MSE Library


University Administration

20 years
Janes, Jackson, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies

15 years
Pfitzer, Anne, Technical Leadership and Innovation

10 years
Lynam, Pamela, Jhpiego
Nash-Mercado, Angela, Jhpiego
Reel, Stephanie, Information Technology
Snell, Shirley, Engineering Services
Warhurst, Erin, Payroll Shared Services
Waterhouse, John, Development
Wilmoth, Dawn, Cash Accounting

5 years
Alexander, Lisa, General Accounting
Butler, Jacqueline, Information Systems Auditing
Lytton, James, Campus and Community Patrol
Matthews-Bey, Amen, Information Systems
Schabdach, Bruce, Purchasing
Simmons, Glenn, Design and Publications
Tang, Philip, Office of the Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs


Whiting School of Engineering

35 years
Krug, Walter, Machine Shop

10 years
Taylor, Hugh, Engineering for Professionals


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