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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University May 26, 2009 | Vol. 38 No. 36
President Daniels Announces Search for Next Provost

On May 20, President Ronald J. Daniels sent the following broadcast e-mail to the Johns Hopkins community.

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students: Yesterday, Provost Kristina Johnson was formally confirmed as undersecretary of energy. With the Senate confirmation for Dr. Johnson complete, Dr. Scott Zeger moves from acting to interim provost and will remain interim provost until the next provost is announced.

We will now embark on a search for the university's next provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. In anticipation of this moment, and in the knowledge that we would want to move ahead as expeditiously as possible, I have appointed a search committee to assist me in identifying the right person for this critical appointment.

The search committee has been asked to undertake a broad and open search to identify a dynamic academic leader and distinguished scholar as our next provost. The provost plays a critical role at Johns Hopkins, and the challenge will be to find an individual who can bring strong academic leadership to a university which is highly decentralized and geographically distributed yet proudly committed to the idea of a strong, cohesive university. This individual must have a deep understanding of the academic mission of the university and be committed to supporting school goals while fostering interdisciplinary collaboration in the service of distinguishing the university as a whole. In addition, the next provost will be expected to lead with the mandate of increasing service and support for the deans, schools, faculty and students, supported by a strong understanding of undergraduate, graduate and professional education and student life. In addition to working closely with me, the next provost will be a key member of the senior leadership team of the university.

The members of the committee, with broad representation from across the university, are Chi V. Dang (chair), professor and vice dean for research, School of Medicine; Ira M. Blatstein, director of strategic planning, Applied Physics Laboratory, and assistant professor, School of Education; Jacquelyn C. Campbell, professor, School of Nursing; Dipankar Chakravarti, professor and vice dean for programs, Carey Business School; Andrea Gielen, professor, Bloomberg School of Public Health; Gregory D. Hager, professor, Whiting School of Engineering; Mariale M. Hardiman, assistant dean and chair of Interdisciplinary Studies, School of Education; Peter M. Lewis, associate professor, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies; Lloyd B. Minor, professor, School of Medicine; Yong- Hi Moon, piano faculty, Peabody Institute; Daniel H. Reich, professor, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences; Ben Vinson, professor, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences; Mindelyn Buford, graduate student, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences; Kibem "Antonio" Kim, student, School of Medicine; Abigail C. Duggan, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, class of 2010; Jerome D. Schnydman (staff to the committee), secretary of the board of trustees and executive assistant to the president; and Lois Chiang (staff to the committee), senior adviser to the president.

The search will be supported by Ilene Nagel of the executive search firm of Russell Reynolds.

I thank Chi and all members of this committee in advance for their considerable commitment of time and energy to this process.

The committee invites your advice and assistance. Committee members would like your views as to the qualities required in our next provost. They would also appreciate nominations of specific candidates. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to and include the name, institution and contact information (if possible) of any specific candidates. All submissions will be kept in the strictest confidence. All communications will be reviewed until a successful candidate is named; however, nominations should be received, preferably in electronic form, no later than Friday, June 5, 2009.

Ronald J. Daniels


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