Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 3, 1995

Internship Funds Available For Students

     For the fourth year in a row, students in all divisions of
the university who are interested in designing and implementing
community service projects can apply to the Alumni Association's
Community Service Internship Program for funds to make their
ideas reality. Applications for summer and fall funding must be
submitted no later than April 15.

     Over the past four years, Community Service Internship
Program funding has provided seed money for such programs as
Teach Baltimore, the Fitness Program at Rutland Transitional
Housing, the Science Olympiad, Healing Hope, Women's Health
Concerns and other initiatives. Students may choose to design
their own programs or work within the framework of an existing
community organization.

     Undergraduate and graduate students from every academic
division are eligible to apply for funding for program support
and start-up costs.

     For applications and further information, call Lisa Marks in
the Office of Alumni Relations, 516-0363.

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