Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 3, 1995

WJHU-Radio Program Notes

     This week on The Marc Steiner Show, a trio of authors:

�    Tuesday, April 4: "Women and Islam," a conversation with
Geraldine Brooks, author of Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden
World of Islamic Women. Brooks offers an intimate, often shocking
portrait of modern Muslim women and shows how women's rights have
a firm basis in Islamic scripture.

�    Wednesday, April 5: A talk with James Kunstler, who
discusses our nation's evolution from the Pilgrim settlements to
modern suburb and points out ways in which future builders can
avoid the errors that have marred the American landscape.
Kunstler is the author of The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and
Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape.

�    Thursday, April 6: Jeremy Rifkin, author of The End of Work:
The Decline of the Global Labor Force and the Dawn of the
Post-Market Era, discusses the loss of jobs to sophisticated
computers, robotics, telecommunications and other cutting-edge

     The Marc Steiner Show is a public affairs call-in program
broadcast every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7 to 8:30
p.m. on WJHU, 88.1 FM. Topics and guests are subject to change. 

     For more information, call 516-WJHU.

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