Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 10, 1995

It Happens Every Spring

     Winding up a three-month process of reviewing applications
for the class of 1999, Paul White lugged more than 7,800 decision
letters to his jeep last week and sent the good news and bad news
out to high school seniors waiting anxiously in all 50 states ,
23 countries, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam.

     White's first selection process since becoming director of
undergraduate admissions at Homewood in September also marked the
second highest number of undergraduate applications received by
the schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering; there were
8,400 applications in 1993.

     "From what I've heard, this was the most qualified applicant
pool the university has seen in recent years," he said.

     Despite the flood of applications, White said the number of
acceptance letters to hit the post box for next year's freshman
class was the lowest in years. Approximately 600 Arts and
Sciences students and only 275 Engineering students will be
admitted this fall.

     "We were more selective because we want to keep the size of
the student body at a level more compatible with our resources,"
White said.

     With the mail dropped, White's job is only half complete.
Next week, the Admissions Office will hold a weeklong program on
and off campus to convince accepted students to accept Hopkins.  

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