Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 10, 1995

'Contract' Negotiations

     An estimated 120 faculty, staff, students and neighbors
rallied peacefully in front of the School of Public Health on
Thursday to express their anger over the budget cuts proposed in
the Republican Contract with America.

     The protest was organized by the Hopkins-based student group
Bridges Not Walls, as well as students from other university
campuses and a handful of community associations. 

     "We were ecstatic to have such grass roots involvement,"
said Marisela Gomez, a postdoctoral student at the School of
Medicine and the Bridges Not Walls representative.

     The chanting, marching and speeches, which Gomez called
"very serious and thoughtful," focused on three specific issues
in the contract: student financial aid, social services and the

     Organizers said they plan to send to Washington a petition
opposing the contract passed around at the rally.           

     "We also solidified the groups and individuals who want to
organize more events with us," Gomez said.

     Among those events is a series of follow-up seminars
scheduled to start on the Homewood campus next week.

     "I'm really excited that we over here on the east side
finally connected with Homewood. This rally proved that 
Hopkins students are not apathetic about social issues."

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