Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 17, 1995

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

50 years of service
Brown, Mamie, Wood Company

30 years of service
Crawford, Cleaster, Johns Hopkins Club

25 years of service
Kahl, Vernon J., Plant Operations & Maintenance

20 years of service
Lilly, Joyce Louise, Biology 

15 years of service
Lambdin, Patricia, Human Resources
Pfetzing, Marjorie L., Human Resources
Small, Eva Sue, JHU Press
Weston, Lyn Greta, CTY

10 years of service
Baer, Robert Hemsley, CTY
Brody, Linda, CTY
Burke, Judith A., Development Fund
Eckhart, Linda J., Materials Science & Engineering
Friend, Patricia L., Office of the V.P. & General Counsel
Smith, Kendall Roy, JHPIEGO
Wheatley, Thomas S., Plant Operations & Maintenance

5 years of service
Barnett, Jacquline K., CTY
Busching, Sharon K., Physics & Astronomy
Evans, Gregory, Johns Hopkins Club
Jackson, Edward A., Management Information
Jones, Jeffery L., Plant Operations & Maintenance
Scelsi, Lisa Marie, Johns Hopkins Development Fund
Snider, Frederick Douglas, Physics & Astronomy

Hygiene and Public Health
Munderloh, Mary E., 19 years, Financial Aid

20 years of service
Telljohann, Harriett, American Journal of Epidemiology

15 years of service
Leibtag, Susan A., Population Communication
Mahachek, Judith A., Population Information
Zermeno, E. Maria, Epidemiology 

10 years of service
Siegel, Beverly D., Health Policy & Management

5 years of service
Ball, Jacqueline, Custodial Services
Philip, Marva, Maternal & Child Health 
St. Ours, Christine, International Health 

35 years of service
Rent, Kenneth C., Medicine

20 years of service
Proctor, Edward F., III, Oncology Center

15 years of service
Borkowski, Christine G., Medicine
Grandy, Phonecia P., Physicians Billing Service
Locklee, Jerry, Safety/Radiation Control 
Longo, Patti Ann, Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences
Plantholt, Barbara Ann, Pathology
Rider, Margaret, Psychiatry

10 years of service
Collier, Mary Dolores, Pathology
Gugliotta, Pauline Anita, Pediatrics
Holtzclaw, Jr., Walter D., Molecular Pharmacology
Pietryak, B. Patricia, Orthopedic Surgery

5 years of service
Austin, Rhonda Lynne, Medicine
Caputo, Emerita M., Molecular Biology & Genetics 
Cuda, Tina Louise, Neurology
Dahme, Susan A., Medical Practice Plan 
Everette, Thomas M., Welch Medical Library
Frithsen, Donna G., Neuroscience
Hahn, Patricia, Clinical Immunology
Hayes, Yolanda K., JH HealthCare 
Jin, Lin, Neurology
Kindbom, Kori, Psychiatry
Kordek, Douglas Stephen, Radiology
Schweizer, Barbara W., Psychiatry
Shaffer, Barbara A., Pediatrics
Smith, Elise H., Surgery
Waters, Wardell, Jr., Medical Practice Plan 
Whitehead, Lisa L., Orthopedic Surgery
Wood, Fawn D., Pathology

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