Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 24, 1995

WJHU-Radio Program Notes

     This week on The Marc Steiner Show:

    Monday, April 24:  Conversations with Gloria Naylor, author
of The Women of Brewster Place, and Bruce Caine, author of "Our
Common Ground: Portraits of Blacks Changing the Face of America."

    Tuesday, April 25:  "Terrorism in America"--Many believe
that last week's car-bombing in Oklahoma is only the beginning of
terrorism in America. What are the roots of the problem? How can
it be stopped? 

    Wednesday, April 26:  A discussion on crime and policing in
the Baltimore metropolitan area with Baltimore City police
commissioner Thomas Frazier and Baltimore County chief of police
Michael Gambrill.

    Thursday, April 27: Private businesses receive roughly $85
billion annually from the federal government. "Corporate Welfare
Reform" is a discussion on ending corporate welfare as we know it
with Michael Calabrese of Ralph Nader's Public Citizen, and
Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute.

     The Marc Steiner Show is a public affairs call-in program
broadcast every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7 to 8:30
p.m. on WJHU, 88.1 FM. Topics and guests are subject to change.
For more information, call 516-WJHU.

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