Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 1, 1995

Welcome Home, Sam!

     Hopkins astrophysicist and astronaut Sam Durrance was
officially welcomed home Tuesday, along with all the scientists
involved with the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope project. "This
has been, for me, an adventure on many, many levels," Dr.
Durrance told about 150 people who attended a reception in the
Schafler Auditorium at the Bloomberg Center for Physics and

     He was a payload specialist during the 16-day Astro-2
mission, on the space shuttle Endeavour, which returned to Earth
on March 18. Steven Knapp, dean of the School of Arts and
Sciences, led the welcoming party. And astrophysicist Arthur
Davidsen, who headed the HUT project, said the treasure of data
collected by the telescope promises to yield "quite a few
interesting discoveries, and we are all excited."

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