Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 8, 1995

The Subway, the Subway

     Get ready to put away those hard hats and hiking boots. 

     In two weeks, it will no longer be necessary to travel
circuitous, and often challenging, routes to navigate North
Broadway between the Medical Institutions' dome and the
Outpatient Center.

     For six years, more than 5,000 men and women have kept work
going--often 24 hours a day--on the construction of the Shot
Tower and Hopkins stops along the MTA's subway system. 

     On May 31, the long anticipated Hopkins stop is scheduled to
open, preceded by a day of entertainment, activities and ceremony
to mark the occasion. 

     Before then, however, workers must put the final touches on
the plaza between East Monument and Jefferson streets, laying
cobblestone and brick and planting an assortment of trees, shrubs
and ground cover.

     Although the plaza will accommodate both foot and vehicle
activity, university officials hope it will be primarily used as
a pedestrian thoroughfare.

     MTA officials expect about 4,000 new riders to use the
subway once the extension officially opens.

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