Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 15, 1995

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

     Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year
anniversary with the university last month are listed below.
     Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program
should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at


     Wyckoff, Teresa E., 10 years, Development Fund

40 years of service
     Skipper, William E., Physics & Astronomy

30 years of service
     Richardson, Johnnie, Athletic Center

25 years of service
     Miller, David J., MSE Library 

20 years of service
     McIntosh, Phyllis B., Development Fund 

15 years of service
     Felipa, Clarence, Johns Hopkins Club
     Pontier, Tania B., Accounts Payable
     Shipley, Sharon Lee, Student Loans

10 years of service
     Coleman, Mary Vernell, Accounts Payable
     Crawford, Chicquita M. B., Homewood Computing
     Kopec, Mary Judith, Philosophy 
     Pegesse, Reigh Llwren, Administrative Computing
     Sheppard, Tina Marie, Administrative Computing

5 years of service
     Bannon, Alicia C., CTY
     Cataneo, Lynn Marie, Federal Credit Union 
     Earle, M. Margaret, Development Fund
     Eastman, Sylvia Jean, Office of the President
     Ittner, Stuart E., MSE Library 
     Montague, Felecia A., Management Information Systems
     Palumbo, Karen A., Benefits Administration
     Shellkopf, Cynthia, CTY
     Towner, Bonnie Gail, Development Fund 

Hygiene and Public Health

20 years of service
     Trpis, Ludmila, Biochemistry

15 years of service
     Kovacs, Brenda J., Institute for International Programs

10 years of service
     Gould, Joan S., Health Policy & Management
     Hayes, Sandra W., Environmental Health Sciences

5 years of service
     Berg, Gregory F., International Health
     Carter, Bertha M., International Health 
     Greene, Teresa, Epidemiology 
     Poppe, Patricia, Population Communication
     Provenza, Valerie, Financial Management
     Roberts, Marilyn E., Custodial Services
     Schroen, George E., Population Information
     Smith, Pamela J., Master of Public Health Programs


     Brown, Eleanor C., 26 years, Pathology
     Williams, Clyde, 29 years, Laboratory Animal Medicine

20 years of service
     Dondero, Joanna A., Pathology
     Rosenberg, Nancy H., Neurology
     Thompson, Cynthia E., Pediatrics

15 years of service
     Downey, Doris W., Physicians Billing
     Gibson, Joel Glenn, Medicine
     Jolly, Marsha E., Welch Medical Library
     Lawson, Lucion W., Ophthalmology 
     Proctor, Roberta Ruth, Pathology
     Santos, Filomena T., Ophthalmology 
     Williams, Frank James, Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences
     Wolfe, Janet Lee, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine

10 years of service
     Carlson, Diane, Clinical Immunology
     Cooper, Rochelle Eure, Ophthalmology 
     Dovell, Patricia J., Welch Medical Library
     Hartke, Timothy Vincent, Neurosurgery
     Jenifer, Donna L., Green Spring Station
     Johnson, Joan, Ophthalmology 
     Kessens, Philip James, Orthopedic Surgery
     Khattignavong, Arouna, Clinical Immunology
     Lough, Sr., Thomas Franklin, Maintenance
     Reynolds, Curt J., Clinical Immunology
     Stefan, Henry A., Medical Practice Plan 

5 years of service
     Berger, Suraya, Medicine
     Brown, Priscilla B., Orthopedic Surgery
     Butta, Monica, Medical Practice Plan 
     Collins, Kimberly M., Neurology
     Fields-Buie, Marsha, Ophthalmology 
     Foust, Janine A., Ophthalmology 
     Fowler, Susan K., Physicians Billing
     Hill, Angela M., Medicine
     Marcellino, Linda J., Medicine
     Nivens, Susan, Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery
     Powell, Sharnette, Physicians Billing
     Schlining, Wendy Ann, Pediatrics
     Stevens, Suzette, Medicine
     Williams, Theresa L., Psychiatry
     Young, Mary Zajac, Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery


5 years of service
     Zwick, Manuela R., Admissions


15 years of service
     Mann, Rosalind A., Music Library

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