Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 8, 1996

Brody To Speak At Open Meetings

     All students, faculty and staff are invited to hear
President-elect Brody speak at one of two open meetings on
Tuesday, April 9.

     Brody will be at Shriver Hall Auditorium at Homewood at 3
p.m.; that event will also be televised live to Parsons
Auditorium at the Applied Physics Laboratory.

     At 5 p.m., Brody will be at Turner Auditorium in East

     Supervisors are asked, if at all possible, to allow
interested employees to attend these meetings.

     More information about Brody is available on JHUniverse, the
university's World Wide Web presence. Connect to the Brody page
from the Hopkins Highlight feature on the homepage at

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